Earn an Extra $5,400 with a Simple Website Plugin

97 Display

A new CrossFit website solution, 97 Display, just released a new plugin that’s creating massive marketing ROI for CrossFit Boxes around the states.

You’ve been watching countless clients excel in your classes for years, and you know you can make a difference in the lives of anyone who becomes a member in your Box because you’ve done it 1,000 times.

If everyone could see the impacts you’ve made in the lives of your clients, they wouldn’t hesitate to sign up.

All you need is someone’s name and number and you can work with them to reach any fitness goal they want to achieve. Your Box has something to offer for everyone – and 97 Display wants to help you prove it.

Your “Proof”

Proof is a website plugin, available for free to 97 Display CrossFit websites, that allows anyone viewing your website to see the real members of their community that are submitting their information for your fitness programs.

This helps increase your website conversions in a similar way that reviews do.


Similarly to seeing reviews on your Box’s Google or Facebook page,  prospects get affirmation that their decision to request more information about your Box is something many others are doing. People look at reviews before they purchase a product for two reasons:

  1. For validation of the “seller” – you.
  2. For validation of the “product” – your classes.

With the Proof plugin, your prospects are getting this same validation immediately as they browse your site. They don’t have to do their own due diligence by browsing your social media pages to see how people are responding to what you offer.

The Results

After comprehensive testing of the Proof plugin, 97 Display clients gained a 12.29 percent increase in leads and 72.20 percent increase in conversions. This kind of uptick in conversions averages $5,400 of additional generated revenue over the course of the year for a typical CrossFit Box, all by adding one simple website update.


If you are interested in learning more about what a 97 Display website can do for your Box, call 888.973.4775 or visit 97display.com/crossfit-websites.