Dumbing Down Dumbbells

Versatile. That’s how Mark Khamboonphet, owner of CrossFit Forney in Forney, Texas, described dumbbells.

“You can use them for all sorts of things,” he said. “They’re a great way to modify for … people who can’t do certain things.”

Theo Tsekouras, founder and co-owner of CrossFit H-Town in Houston, Texas, also noted his purchase of dumbbells was based on the scalability and variety of exercises they offer. “It’s allowed us to be able to use those things in a variety of ways, versus the barbell,” he said. “If a barbell is 45 pounds and they’re having difficulty with that — they just want to work on single arm movement or something like that — then we can use a dumbbell to scale it down.”

While Khamboonphet said they aren’t a primary piece of equipment, he knew he wanted dumbbells at his Box from the beginning.

Khamboonphet started by searching for the best price point, and he ended up purchasing a set of dumbbells from an exercise equipment reseller. Tsekouras decided to purchase his CAP Barbell dumbbell set from a local sporting goods store due to ease and accessibility. However, both Affiliates either knew the company or had performed research before dishing out dough for the dumbbells.

When purchasing expensive equipment, you want to make it last. Tsekouras said they instruct their members to control their movement on the way down when using dumbbells, unless safety is compromised.

Another way to combat the dropping issue is by investing in rubber hex dumbbells. Khamboonphet explained the rubber is more forgiving when it comes to dropping it on a foot or accidentally crushing a finger.

Even though the rubber dumbbells can increase the price of the piece of equipment, Tsekouras agreed with Khamboonphet. “Go with rubber coating versus all metal, just for safety,” he said.

Tsekouras also noted it’s important to have enough and a large variety of dumbbells. He initially looked at his average class size and determined he needed about seven to 10 sets, dividing that in half for men and women weights.

Khamboonphet said Affiliates should also consider how to store dumbbells. “You don’t want them to be high off the ground, but then you also don’t want to have to pick them up off the ground every single time, depending on their weight,” he said.

Dumbbells seem to have been a plus for these Affiliates. Could they be for you?

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.