Dollamur Sport Surfaces, CrossFit Legend Jason Khalipa Renew Partnership for 2015


Dollamur Sport Surfaces announced it has renewed its partnership with world-renowned CrossFitter Jason Khalipa for 2015.

The 2008 CrossFit Games Champion, Khalipa has six top-10 finishes and has been referred to as the “Fittest Man on Earth.” In addition to his resume as a competitor, he also owns and manages 20 CrossFit Boxes worldwide through the Bay Area’s leading Affiliate, NorCal CrossFit. A three-time Team USA CrossFit member, Khalipa launched his CrossFit career in 2006 and has participated in seven CrossFit Games since 2008.

Recently, Dollamur and Khalipa collaborated to develop the GO Mat. Made in the USA, it provides more cushioning than a typical fitness mat, making it great for pushups, planks or crunches at home. Using Flexi-Roll® technology, the lightweight surface rolls up quickly for easy storage, transforming any space into a fitness room.

“Combining my industry knowledge with Dollamur’s firepower has produced a multipurpose, high-quality mat ideal for any workout,” said Khalipa in a press release. “I look forward to continuing to work with Dollamur, taking CrossFit innovation to new heights.”

The sport has seen a 166 percent year-over-year growth rate of the CrossFit Games. Dollamur recognized the opportunity a few years ago to partner with Khalipa.

“Jason’s engineering of the GO Mat has helped transform CrossFit into a multi-billion dollar industry,” said Don Ochsenreiter, Dollamur’s CEO, in the release. “The sport has experienced unrivaled growth, exploding from 13 Boxes in 2005 to more than 10,000 in 2015.”

Khalipa’s inspiration to create the GO Mat stemmed from his desire to cushion tile, hardwood and carpet. Although Dollamur had developed several earlier models, it finally constructed a balance of superior-grade, mobility and safety.

The GO Mat starts at $99 and offers a five-year limited warranty. The mat is available in five colors: black, pink, charcoal, red and royal blue. It meets and exceeds multiple impact tests, such as ASTM F1081 and F355.

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