The DogTown Days of the Open

How is DogTown preparing for the Open?

Box Pro sat down with Dusty Hyland, owner of DogTown CrossFit in Culver City, California, to discuss how his Box is getting ready for the Open.

Box Pro: How is DogTown CrossFit preparing for the Open?

Dusty Hyland: After Christmas we began a training cycle that would culminate with and coincide with the Open at the end of February. It includes a heavy dose of standard CrossFit, but a greater emphasis has been placed on barbell movements we will most likely see in the Open. Also added as a package in each class is a skill component. This serves several purposes: partially warm up but provides refinement of the body weight components we may see pop up in week one through five. The gymnastics cycle along with our exclusive skill gymnastics class on Wednesday nights is on a six-week cycle for members to develop pre-req strength, develop stability, balance spatial awareness and get better at moving through … primarily [being] upside down, on the bar and on the rings.

BP: How has your programming changed in preparation for the Open?

DH: Intensity in Metcons has increased. [We] measure rest and [give] a heightened attention to body mechanics of each client.

BP: How do you keep the members who are not competing from being lost in the Open “high”? How do you maintain focus on both Open athletes and your members?

DH: We all participate and support each other. Scaled options are given even if they are truly competing in the Open. At the end of the day it’s a party and it’s a reason to get together and celebrate fitness. Be invested in your friends’ progress and development as well.

BP: Do you have any tips or advice to other Affiliates as they too prepare for the Open?

DH: Don’t focus on any other thing then the wellness of your athletes in the long term. Competition can be healthy, but [taken] to an extreme it can be harmful to the ecosystem of the gym. Remember we are building machines and most athletes, especially competitive ones, will go overboard and it can become self-destructive.

BP: Anything else to add?

DH: Overall, get stronger, stay healthy and have fun.


Photo by Paul O’Sullivan

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