Do Competitive Athletes Drive Your Gym?

Courtesy of Shutterstock.comHow do you define the athletes in your gym? Are your athletes the people that train multiple times each day and endorse your Box when they attend Regionals or the Games?

Or, are your athletes the people that train in your gym, purchase your apparel and endorse your Box as they go through their daily lives?

You may say, what’s the difference? For many Affiliates the difference is obvious. One athlete may come and go, but you may spend hours prepping them to compete at a high level. If you spend too much time focusing on the individual athlete, who focuses on your business?

Having high-level competitors is fantastic. A lot of top Affiliates regularly put these competitors into regionals and some on to the Games. However, it’s not those athletes that make or break your business, but rather the multitude of local members attending your Box to get in great shape through your coaching.

You may strike a deal with an athlete to help them get to the Games, but what happens if they don’t? The deals you make with your members will carry your business through years and years of peaks and lulls. Your athletes that are your members will build the community in your gym. They will help you purchase new equipment and they will support you through the hard times. Why? Because you are their Affiliate, their Box and their Third Place.

Having top-level athletes is a great bonus to your gym. They give a person for your athletes to cheer on as Regionals and the Games roll around. Typically developing top-level athletes will say something about your Box and the level of coaching associated — look at Invictus and CJ Martin.

However, if you look at the athletes that Martin and Invictus work with, you’ll also need to know that Jen Martin is the membership director at Invictus. She ensures that members are on boarded properly and placed in the best suited class. Why does Invictus have a membership director? Because at Invictus, membership is a huge deal.

It’s important to remember what comprises the lifeblood of your facility. Focus on the members and making your Affiliate great and you’ll discover athletes of all levels wanting to train in your Box.

Tyler is a former editor of Box Pro Magazine.