Disciples of Iron in 2016

Disciples of Iron

Disciples of Iron (DOI) is starting 2016 with a bang. While remaining the sister company of Rogue American Apparel, the new CEO, Maureen Ketner, is stacking a new line-up of products to better fit your style. Disciples of Iron is not just an athletic clothing brand; it supports the lifestyle the foundation of the company was built on. It is designed to reflect classic American values – strength of character, honor and freedom – the same values for which our military men and women have sacrificed so much.

Disciples of Iron is operated out of the Rogue American Apparel Office in Austin, Texas. It is an open store front that is welcome to visitors anytime. They encourage their supporters to stop in to meet the family and see the process as well as the story behind the store. All apparel is 100 percent American sourced and manufactured and all employees are associated with various veteran charities across the U.S., including the non-profit Team Some Assembly Required. The year 2015 was successful  and they look to continue the growth and outreach through 2016. If you have not yet shopped on the DOI website, then join the Disciples of Iron family today.

For more information, visit disciplesofiron.com.