Digital Waivers: Safety Before Athletes Walk Inside

digital waivers

It goes without saying you need release of liability waivers to protect your business, but the process of having someone come into your box, fill out a form, store it somewhere safe and hope you don’t misplace it can be an added stress you don’t have time for as a small business owner.

Offering digital waivers can get rid of that room full of filing cabinets collecting dust in the back. Michael Wuest, founder of CrossFit COMO in Columbia, Missouri, started incorporating digital waivers at his Box about six months after opening.

“The problem with paper waivers is you have to print so many,” said Wuest. “We had a lot of traffic moving through the doors when we first opened up and so we went through a ton of two-page waivers so fast. Keeping all that stuff organized for current clients and new clients coming in from the intro classes was just a lot of paperwork to store.”

CrossFit COMO started working with the software Smartwaiver and now currently utilize PushPress to automate this offering for their clients. An email is sent to athletes directly after filling out their contact information, but if they don’t fill it out the CrossFit COMO allows them to still fill it out digitally at the Box. This way they ensure everyone fills out a waiver before they step onto the floor.

“Time is a huge benefit for online waivers,” said Wuest. “You can send them out ahead of time to people depending on how your intake process works. Someone might walk through your doors for the first time and you can put them on a keyboard right away.”

A great feature with digital waivers in their ability to be updated. With paper waivers you have to make a new document, find all your athletes and get them to resign. With a time stamp feature on digital waivers you will know which form each client has signed and when.

“If you need to make your waiver compliant with a new law in the state or something like that you know who has signed it and who hasn’t because of time stamps,” said Wuest. “You can go and say, ‘OK, we updated the waiver on this date. Everyone who has signed it before then we are going to have to go and get them to sign it again.’”

The safety benefits of going digital are worth their weight in gold as well. No matter what happens at your Box you know you will have easily accessible digital records to make your life a little easier.

“God forbid someone ever broke into our gym, we had an issue with a fire or we got involved in a law suit,” said Wuest. “But now, we can find those waivers instantly because they are digitally stored. You are putting yourself in the best position to have it online.”

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