Differentiating From Your Competition

Differentiating your Box.With thousands of Affiliates popping up every year having two CrossFit Boxes within a short distance of each other would seem counterproductive. They would have to fight for members and constantly be in competition.

Unless, that is, the Affiliates are friends and located in downtown Indianapolis, where two Boxes are literally a 16 minute walk from each other. Although physically they’re close together, CrossFit Infiltrate and CrossFit Naptown are very different.

CrossFit Naptown has served athletes for three and a half years. Affiliate Peter Brasovan opened the Box with Jared Byczko in October 2011. One of their first ten members was Jared Cantrell. Fast forward to the end of 2014 when Cantrell opened his own Box, CrossFit Infiltrate, just eight tenths of a mile from Naptown.

Most might be a little salty that their prodigy up and started his own business just blocks from their own, but Brasovan and Cantrell adamantly denied that assumption. “Overall I think it’s great,” Brasovan said of the close quarters. “I think personally that as long as both Boxes are doing what is in their best interest to help the community itself become more fit, then we should both be able to succeed based on just literally spreading the knowledge of fitness and CrossFit.”

However, the Boxes still display differences that allow them to market to separate demographics.

To Cantrell, the short distance is a non-issue. “The location is different,” Cantrell said. “I mean, it’s not far in distance I guess, but when you’re talking about a downtown area, you get a lot of people that walk to our location. The truth is, downtown could handle a couple more fairly easily. It’s not like it’s saturated by any means.”

Infiltrate is located on the canal and has lots of open and outdoor space in which members can kill their WOD. “Ours is smaller so it’s more intimate,” Cantrell said. “It’s right on the canal so it’s one of the nicest areas. You have a full view of the canal while you’re working out. We have really awesome outdoor space.”

Naptown is the traditional warehouse Box with much more floor space. Brasovan said his Box is 10,500 total square feet and estimates Infiltrate only has around 3,000 square feet.

Brasovan said that while both Boxes offer CrossFit, each has it’s own style. “We both offer CrossFit, but we offer it in a little bit of a different version,” he said. “So, we’ve had some members leave here and go there because they like his coaching style, and we’ve definitely had reciprocity out of that where we’ve had some of his members find their way here because we have a little bit of a larger space and a little bit more access to different equipment I guess.”

Although Brasovan isn’t in the business to share all of his trade secrets with the Box down the street, he realizes that friendliness is more beneficial than cattiness. “You have to be friendly, you have to be forthcoming, but at the same time, if you do your hard work and due diligence, then you guys will both continue to grow together,” he said.

Cantrell never considered the location to be a competition factor. “We’re more interested in just bringing a wellness to our city than poaching members from one another,” he said. “That’s not what we’re about. Having a high ethical approach to it has gone well.”

Kayla Boyd is an intern for Peake Media. She can be reached at kayla@peakemedia.com.