How to Determine Your CrossFit’s Space Design

CrossFit's space design

Bigger is always better.

I don’t know who first said that, or in what specific context, but when it comes to determining your CrossFit’s space design that is not necessarily true. Take it from Brennan Morton, a co-owner of NEPA CrossFit. Currently, the gym resides in a space of 24,000 square feet.

I know some Affiliates reading this just gawked. You’re thinking about your 1,700 square feet – or less – in the back of the warehouse. Your mind might be running through the numerous possibilities that 24,000 square feet could bring.

But, if there’s one consistent thing Affiliates have told me it’s to not get ahead of yourself. Grow organically and expand when you’re bursting at the seams. It can be easy to think, “Well, if I had 500 more square feet I could finally program ______” or “I could add a kids class and throw up a divider.”

Hold on! Are you sure that’s what you need to do? Keyword being need. Think about your members. How do they interact with and flow through the space? Is every class so full you continually need to run heats or even put athletes outside? Or is just the 6 p.m. busy? Do you have enough kids to support a kids program? Or is your gym full of young professionals who are far from starting families?

Remember, it’s all about your members, Affiliate. Even if a bigger space would help you feel more successful, it very well could be your demise.

In the latest episode of Box Talk, I sat down with Morton to discuss the ins and outs of his space. It was a long journey for NEPA CrossFit to find its current facility and success, and we chatted about the process. But even with so much room, it hasn’t been a cake walk. In fact, Morton may or may not mention he’s ready for a smaller space. Why? Listen below to find out and give some serious thought to what your Box needs rather than what you want:

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