Dave Grohl and Flexibility


I had another post slated for this month about strategy and execution, but something came up and I decided to make it about flexibility.

I got the flu last week. It sucked. It delayed a few things for me, but also gave me the time to check out social media more and that’s when I found out Dave Grohl is leaving the Foo Fighters and Nick Lachey is taking his place. Click here.

Ok, it’s not true.

I’m using this as a recent example of flexibility in our marketing. While having a plan in place is important (you do have a plan in place, right?), it’s also important to be able to adapt to what’s going on around you. Not just to trends, but also events and changes in the news.

Rumors had been circulating about Dave Grohl leaving the Foo Fighters for weeks. Instead of simply addressing them, they created a video that brought more attention to the band.

Sure, the Foo Fighters have a little bit more of a marketing budget than you do, but you have your own resources you can adapt quickly with some elbow grease.

I plan my posts out for Box Pro pretty far in advance and make edits in the weeks before you see them. For this one, I decided to be flexible, because otherwise the Foo Fighters reference would be very old news by the time you read this.

I encourage you to keep your eyes open and be flexible with your marketing as well.

It’s starting to warm up in most of the country. Perhaps you just found out about a street fair or local event in your town that will bring people by or near the gym. Stage an open house, or a bring-a-friend promotion, to help get more eyeballs on your facility.

International Women’s Day came and went. Even if you didn’t know it was coming until you checked your email that morning, you could have easily cobbled together a collage of pictures from your gym’s female members.

Is there a hot new restaurant in town that’s getting a ton of buzz? Do something highlighting it, along with feedback from one of the more knowledgeable nutrition experts you have on staff.

Make it serious, make it fun. Just make it.

Bill Byrne is a director at San Diego’s Remedy Communications, a PR and social media firm with clients ranging from action sports brands to leaders in finance, technology and business-to-business solutions. His short-term goals for the last year included getting a new headshot for work and increasing his max pull-ups to 21. He’s failed at both, but is happy to note he is making progress in the pull-up department. More info on Bill and Remedy Communications can be found online at www.RemedyPR.com.