Daily Dose of Profits

Although your Box might be growing each month in revenue from memberships, have you thought about ancillary opportunities to improve your bottom line?

Profit centers within your gym can help members improve their fitness, and help you improve your business in the process. According to Anthony DiSarro, the co-owner of CrossFit Redline in Naples, Florida, supplements have played a crucial role at his Box.

DiSarro opened CrossFit Redline in early 2008 after spending all of 2007 practicing CrossFit on his own and with friends from his law enforcement station and SWAT team. His experience working out for SWAT led him to supplements to help him achieve greater fitness success — which has translated to his Box.

“When you get into CrossFit, you either get into the Zone mindset or the Paleo mindset, and you push supplements to the side because you can do it with just food, and a lot of our members can,” said DiSarro. “In time, they are looking to get more out of their time at the gym, a little more out of their body, and especially for someone that wants to compete, there’s definitely a place for some smart supplementation. We recognized that early on, from recoverability, from more intense workouts.”

DiSarro started looking into bringing supplements into his own regiment, but has struggled to find supplementation that works. “We have a pretty good handle in supplementation as it pertains to men and women, because there certainly are some differences,” he explained. “Age and training age — how long have you been training intensely — if this is new to you, then we really aren’t going to do a whole lot with supplements. Then we will look at the workout itself and we make specific recommendations to our members and our athletes based on the intensity of the workouts.”

Not only does supplementation help DiSarro’s members receive results, but it has also helped him to discover a new revenue opportunity. “It’s certainly another layer of service when our Coaches are able to speak intelligently and eloquently about post-workout fueling to the group, or in a one-on-one kind of scenario,” he said. “It’s another layer of service that our members recognize right away.”

Members at DiSarro’s Box aren’t pressured to purchase supplements, nor are they pushed to buy supplements from CrossFit Redline exclusively.

On a normal week, Redline will generate 10 to 15 percent of its revenue through supplement sales. “If I can put the right nutrition and the right supplements in everybody’s hands, they’re going to recover better, their bodies are going to respond more favorably and quicker; they are really going to like their time spent at my gym, they are going to be members for longer periods — ultimately that’s 115 percent if you multiply it that many times,” said DiSarro. “I’ve had members since day one. Same members, five years doing CrossFit. Over time it’s been a good money maker, but through a different channel.”

Currently, Redline is exclusively stocking NutriForce supplements. “NutriForce is what you’ll find on our shelves right now,” said DiSarro. “Including their fish oil, we have their WOD pack — basically one pack that has all of your daily vitamins, minerals and nutrients all in one pack.”

In order to gain his business, NutriForce invited DiSarro to visit its facilities to learn more about the products he would be selling to members. “I was so impressed with their open-door policy,” he said. “They let us put on lab coats and go through R&D. We got to see everything. Every question was answered, we could take photographs and I was very impressed with their operation and their openness. We got on board with them shortly after that tour. We really enjoy their product and working with them.”

Supplements, in terms of a profit center for your business, can truly help support your bottom line. However, just like DiSarro explained, it’s vital you understand what you’re putting on your shelves. It’s important you and your coaches believe in the product and understand how it can benefit workouts.

When you and your Coaches have bought into the supplement opportunities, you will be more capable of translating those opportunities to your members. Remember, supplements aren’t just a revenue stream, but they are also an opportunity to help support your members’ health.

Tyler is a former editor of Box Pro Magazine.