CrossFit’s Unique Community Dynamic

CrossFit's unique dynamic.With the growth occurring in CrossFit, a lot has been discussed on a business side concerning the elements that establish a great Box. While listening to a lot of these business strategies, I’ve also started to hear how although community is an important aspect of the Box’s success, it’s not a priority.

Before I hear this too much, I’d like the industry to step back and reconsider. The best thing that CrossFit Affiliates have on their side is the community. If you don’t nurture the community in your facility you could be missing out on one of the best aspects of CrossFit.

Today throughout the fitness industry, clubs and rec centers are performing research, surveys and anything they can to discover how to best develop community within their facilities. They explore classes, leagues and clinics, but for some reason community continues to evade the majority of fitness facilities. However, not in CrossFit.

CrossFit has a unique dynamic to its fitness regimen that fosters community. While many Affiliates have open eyes to the needs for their Box’s success, it’s vital that none forget the one true aspect of CrossFit that makes it unique over any other gym, and that’s community.

The reason the fitness industry has spent so much time and energy developing community in their facilities is because it has so many positive rewards. When a strong community is established, retention numbers skyrocket, it’s easier to sell ancillary services and member referrals should improve.

Establishing a strong community can also assist in member engagement, because community isn’t only established among members but also through yourself and your staff. If developed properly, a close bond should be established and maintained by all.

When members feel that they are part of a community, they are more willing to support their Box — not only financially, but also in the community outside the Box. This will help with promotion, growth and potential outside events.

Although community is one of the key factors in CrossFit as a whole, it’s important that as Affiliates it’s also treated as so. While there are so many areas to focus on for the growth of your members, remember that by having the one secure identity of CrossFit in place you’ll already be outdoing the vast majority of the fitness industry, and that is by strictly by fostering community in your Box.

Tyler is a former editor of Box Pro Magazine.