CrossFit Soul Miami’s Whole30 Challenge


Looking at the base of Greg Glassman’s fitness pyramid, you will find the word “nutrition” printed across it.

As an Affiliate owner, you know your members’ nutrition is essential to their fitness goals and achievements. But how do you make it a reality in your Box? Monik Lopez-Calleja, the owner of CrossFit Soul Miami and Soul Wellness, shares about her experience with the Whole30 Challenge:

Box Pro: Why are you running a Whole30 Challenge?

Monik Lopez-Calleja: We do challenges like this every now and then for a few reasons. First, [it’s] for people who are looking for a nice solid foundation to a healthy lifestyle. Many newer members do not have experience with truly eating clean, so nutrition challenges like this offer an easy-to-follow framework that can be tailored to each person’s individual needs after the challenge is over. Second, some of our members used to eat very clean, but over the years have fallen back into some unhealthy habits. Nutrition challenges like Whole30 offer a “reset” for them because it eliminates sugars, processed food and grains completely. That’s usually where people get out of hand — the sweets, bread, rice, etc.

BP: How did you choose this challenge?

MLC: I have personally done a couple Whole30 Challenges and think it’s great for getting back on track, learning to meal prep, cook healthy, understand your body and cravings, and basically challenge your relationship with food. That last one is huge, because believe it or not, many people in this community have mentally unhealthy habits regarding food and body image.

BP: How do you let your members know about it and get involved?

MLC: We have a Facebook group for nutrition that members share recipes and ideas with each other, and we announce it there as well as in our regular class announcements.

BP: What benefits do you see from running a nutrition challenge?

MLC: The benefits include stronger relationships built between members and their Coaches, improved quality of life for members, and of course, gains in the gym.

BP: What tips/advice would you give to other Boxes when it comes to holding nutrition challenges? 

MLC: Keep it simple. We’ve done stuff where there’s prize money involved and that’s always fun, but mostly gym members just want support to eat well and know that others are alongside them with the same nutritional goals. This community is often viewed as extreme to the outside world, so it’s important to have that support system.

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