CrossFit Pushin Weight

CrossFit Pushin Weight

Beginning as a garage gym in 2011, CrossFit Pushin Weight (CFPW8) is located in Powhatan, Virginia. Ashley Jenkins, an owner of the gym and the director of fun, shares details about the business below:

Box Pro: Describe your business. What makes your Box unique/stand out from the rest? 

Ashley Jenkins: We are a high-end, customer service oriented CrossFit gym that has gone away from the scary warehouse and intimidating feel of the old days of CrossFit gyms. We have a concierge to greet you, sign you in, and help with any payment questions or purchases you may have. Locker rooms with showers, kids room, lounge, physical therapy, weightlifting team, a room dedicated for ROMWod, a bar area, pro-shop and a top-notch coaching staff. 

BP: How did you get involved in CrossFit? What were your greatest challenges in opening your Box? 

AJ: CFPW8 began in our “Director of Death’s” garage gym in 2011, then moved into a bigger space, then to a bigger space, and finally we bought our current location and are in our forever home. There have been plenty of challenges to overcome. In 2016, we had an owner transition. There are now three of us who own and run the gym. With having three cooks in the kitchen, it was imperative that we defined our roles, got in our lanes and made shit happen. Another large challenge – that most Affiliates fight with – has been getting people to understand we are just regular folks, and not Games athletes, that are working on our general fitness so we can play with our kids, stay out of the nursing homes as long as possible and look better naked. 

BP: How would you describe yourself as an Affiliate?

AJ: We are unapologetically us. We train, play and love hard. We aren’t for everyone – and that is OK by us. Here’s a brief summary of our leadership:

  • “Director of Death” Tyler: Loves muscle ups, guns, coaching, knives, Monster energy drinks, motorcycles, jeeps, programming for CFPW8 and hugs. 
  • “Director of Fun” Ashley: Loves ping pong, power cleaning, roller-skating, Ms. Pacman, Nike metcons, juggling, welcoming new members into CFPW8, taking pictures/videos for social media at CFPW8 and hugs. 
  • “Director of GSD (get shit done)” Kara: Loves coffee, cats, tattoos, weightlifting, meditating, high fives, self-development, spreadsheeting for CFPW8 and hugs. 

BP: Who or what do you contribute your success to?  

AJ: We are fortunate to have three owners with completely different strengths and weaknesses. We are not afraid to ask for help. We have had the help of mentors from Barbell Business and WTF Gym talk; we just recently started working with Two Brain Business. 

BP: What is one lesson you have learned that other Affiliates would find beneficial?

AJ: Benchmark with other businesses that are not fitness related. Think of how Mercedes, Chick-Fil-A, Ritz Carlton, and other businesses with strong brands show up online, in person and treat their clients. Details and consistency matter when building a strong brand. 

BP: What is one program you do exceptionally well? Why? 

AJ: FUNdamentals. Our FUNdamentals program consists of five one-on-one personal training sessions. While it is a investment to spend $350 to begin CrossFit with us, it is a testament in how much we believe in building relationships, keeping our athletes safe and integrating them smoothly into our community. Not only have we noticed an increase in athletes preparedness for group classes, it has really strengthened our coaching staffs’ coaching and communication skills. 

If able, please list the companies that you work closest with in the following areas:

  • Equipment Rogue, Dynamax, RX jump rope
  • Software: Wodify, Slack, RomWod, Google email and drive
  • Profit centers: Forever Fierce, Kill Cliff, Fit-Aid, Perfect Bar, Driven Nutrition, Fuel for Fire, Action T’s, Clean Remedies, Goat Tape
  • Website resources: Gym Wright

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