CrossFit Nutrition With a Heck of a Social Impact

AMRAP Nutrition

Paleo bars are not sexy, but a world without obesity? Yeah, that is a damn fine idea.

Isn’t this the fundamental reason you got into the CrossFit business? Your gyms create the space for you to build an active and thriving community of athletes. You are empowering better fitness every day.

AMRAP Nutrition is here to bolster your mission. We offer the key component many athletes lack: nutrient dense nutrition. From athletes, Coaches and dieticians, we crowd-sourced the finest feedback and formulated Paleo plant-based supplements made from the freshest whole-food ingredients.

It’s not rocket science, but it is revolutionary.

You’ll quickly see our labels boast eight or less powerhouse ingredients all responsibly sourced from our local region. That said, it is not enough to make the freshest-tasting bar with the optimal combination of macronutrients for a CrossFit athlete. We deliver a clever solution for the busy athlete seeking performance, without sacrificing long-term health.

In the world of over-processed supplements and packaged food we are doing something rare. And frankly, it is beautiful.

How is AMRAP Nutrition over-delivering to every gym it connects with?

AMRAP NutritionOur bars speak for themselves, but our community speaks louder. Here are three examples of how an AMRAP Nutrition partnership is life changing:

  • CrossFit athlete and event sponsorships are key to a thriving CrossFit community. AMRAP Nutrition sponsors your gym so you can focus on what really matters: community, competition, growth and mastery.
  • For a child with autism, clean nutrition is no joke. That is why AMRAP Nutrition is working with the autism community to deliver education resources and Paleo bars to parents navigating life with autistic children. This is a true life changer.
  • Ten thousand hours. That is the time it takes to become a subject matter expert in one thing. The AMRAP Blog creates the platform for doctors, registered dieticians, food authors and Coaches to share their expert insights they spent half a lifetime learning. Don’t you crave a useful conversation with experts in health and fitness? New writers are accepted all the time.

Almond butter is looking better every day because of the meaning AMRAP Nutrition places behind it. Our products represent a tour-de-force for social impact. Only through proper education will this “eat real food” concept catch on and solve the health crisis here in America.

So when moms, dads, trainers, neighbors and complete strangers ask you, “What products are you psyched about right now?,” the answer is plain as day. When you buy AMRAP products, you are saying yes to a company who cares about people more than profits.

AMRAP Nutrition is in this to change lives. We’re eager and equipped to empower your community. Let us help your gym.

Reach out today! We are a start-up so it is truly first-come first served, and it PAYS BIG TIME to be first.


Ron Slavick is the owner/founder of AMRAP Nutrition. As Many Rounds as Possible (AMRAP) defines our philosophy. Through determination, intensity and focus we aim to inspire and empower our health and fitness community. His team is doing wall sits between each call or email, so relieve them by writing or calling 888.735.5267. More information about AMRAP Nutrition can be found at