The Next Steps of CrossFit Fury

CrossFit Fury

What would increase CrossFit Fury’s impact in the community?

That was the question Peter Egyed, the owner of the Box in Goodyear, Arizona, began to ask. Having owned Fury for now 10 years, he started to look at the next logical step for his business. Striving to shoot for the stars, Egyed said the ultimate vision is to build a bright future for all.

Egyed has been involved in his local municipality for years, from working with the law enforcement and fire department to simply donating time and workouts at various events. Over time, he and Fury have become a go-to for the city when it comes to health initiatives.

Thus, Fury’s involvement in the Wellspring Park Project.

In 2016, the city bought 130-acres of retention basin right in the middle of the city for $233. Hospitals sit on either end, and the vision is to turn the land into a health, wellness and recreation park, including trails, a Cancer Treatment Centers of America Garden and Education center, a family activity village, a performance village, etc.

Egyed sits on the advisory board for the project and has conceptualized his own addition to it — the Goodyear Performance Center. It’s a private development he’s leading that will be a mixed-use commercial space, utilizing the park as well as bringing foot traffic to it. “My business will be the anchor tenant there, but then we’ll also be leasing space to the medical professionals, so trying to serve the whole health spectrum,” he explained.

The space will have CrossFit Fury at its center, but there are also plans to have medical professionals, a science and technology area for kids to use after school, an integration of urban agriculture — something they’ve done in the past — etc.

While he’s still debating on whether to buy land that borders the park or lease land inside of it, Egyed said the performance center is going to happen. He has two years on his lease in the current space Fury sits, and there are no plans to renew it. The initial conceptual plan of the performance center has been completed; now he is working on finishing the budget to help determine how much money he needs to raise.

Ultimately, Egyed hopes to inspire other Affiliates to do something similar. He said it’s through the strength of his community that has enabled him to even have a vision this big. Plus, the ideas and concepts behind the CrossFit Health Initiative have been huge inspirations for a focus on creating lifestyle change. “I think continuing to foster [the strength that lies in our communities] and then being involved with this CrossFit Health Initiative and bridging the gap between physicians and trainers [is the most important thing],” said Egyed.

In order to see this reproduced, Egyed challenged Affiliates to get involved in their municipalities. Donating time and proving you care can be big initial steps in making an impact in your local community. And ultimately, Egyed hoped Fury’s steps would do something similar: “Motivate Affiliates to get up and reach out to their healthcare professionals, try to influence them, try to create deals or create incentives to work together,” he shared.

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