CrossFit For a Cure


It is common in the CrossFit industry to host events for charity. However, choosing a charity and organizing the event can be a difficult task to tackle without help and dedication from others. This is where your gym members can come in handy.

Amanda Chismar, one of the owners of CrossFit Sterling in Sterling, Virginia, explained Jax Francis, a member at the gym, came to her last year expressing her desire to host an event for Relay for Life. This fundraiser collects funds for the American Cancer Society and expresses support for those battling the disease.

Francis had been participating in Relay for Life events for a number of years, and after her stepmother was diagnosed with cancer, she knew she wanted to do something more to show support.

“I had been doing CrossFit for a little under a year, and I thought hosting an event would be a great way to merge my love for CrossFit with a way to raise money for cancer,” said Francis. “The event, CrossFit for a Cure, is a tribute to my stepmother as well as other friends and family I have lost and others have lost.”

Chismar explained it is important for Affiliates to find these causes that are important to members when choosing what charities to support. The events happen more organically and tasks are more easily accomplished when fueled by passion.

“The fact an event idea comes from a member makes it so much easier to coordinate,” said Chismar. “If a member is talking about an organization they are dedicated to supporting that is a charity event you should support, rather than trying to push something you are passionate about that maybe none of your members are. It shows you care and believe in your members.”

Last year, CrossFit Sterling raised $3,000 through CrossFit for a Cure, and with the addition of a silent auction and raffle at this year’s event, the goal is between $5,000 and $10,000.

As with most charity events at CrossFit Boxes, a workout is the main event. While last year’s event was composed of three WODs, each named for someone battling cancer, this year is a team event.

“We are doing a two-person team workout to make it a bit easier and open it up to more people,” said Francis. “Many of the events leading up to Relay for Life are at restaurants or are a local bake sale. I wanted to do an event that would tie in with health and wellness and be able to bring our community together. Everyone has various ways they can help and this is ours.”

Kaitlyn Clay
Kaitlyn is a staff writer for Peake Media. Contact her at