CrossFit Durham’s One-on-One 2019 Marketing Offer

2019 marketing

As the new year rolls around, it’s time to think about reaching new and current members alike.

Whether it’s a special intro offer, or pushing your personal training, there is something for everyone.

CrossFit Durham is celebrating its 10th anniversary and is using that as part of its marketing. The gym is currently running a special on one-on-one skill sessions for its members. Its focus is to help members take on their weaknesses – a.k.a. their goats. But for the gym, it’s more than that.

“We’ve been looking for ways to increase our one-on-one and small group personal training, both to provide more service for our athletes and to give our Coaches an opportunity to make more money,” said David Rubin, the owner of the gym in Durham, North Carolina. “As we prepare to roll into the new year, our athletes are going to be thinking about New Year goals and things they want to work on. This was the perfect time to try to capitalize on that.”

Below, Rubin shares why they decided on the training package, the importance of 2019 marketing and more:

BP: How did you come up with this offer?

DR: We decided on a relatively small package that would not require the gym or the Coach to give a large discount on a valuable service and still be palatable to our athletes’ pocketbooks. We have a substantial email list and Constant Contact makes it easy to send out communications for these types of offers.

BP: Why are you offering one-on-one training sessions and what’s the offer?

DR: We’ve been looking for more opportunities to help our Coaches make more money. And we’d also like to create more opportunities for our athletes to improve their skills and overall fitness. This deal is for three sessions and is focused on specific weaknesses. Athletes get the time with a Coach and homework to do on their own.

CrossFit Durham’s marketing email.

BP: Why is 2019 marketing important?

DR: We’ve learned we can’t just be passive in our approach and sit back and wait for people to ask us for help. We need to give them a reason to act. This time of year, as they’re already likely starting to think about their New Year’s Resolutions, as well as the start of the 2019 CrossFit Open in late February, is the perfect time to start paying extra attention to their weaknesses and make it a priority moving into January.

BP: Are you offering any other 2019 deals? 

DR: We generally don’t offer any “deals.” Even this promotion is not a deal, per se. It’s just a unique way of packaging what we may already have available. They just don’t know we do because we haven’t done a good enough job telling them about it. We will do some end of year membership promotions to drive some additional cash into the bank.

BP: Oftentimes, you see marketing for new members, but this looks like marketing for current members. What’s that about?

DR: We’re actually promoting this package to our entire email database, which includes members and non-members. If it inspires someone who is not currently training with us to come in and start, we’re totally OK with that.

BP: How do you decide what Coaches teach what session?

DR: Our Head Coach leads up the promotion and will match folks up with the best Coach to help them.

BP: Any other tips when it comes to offers like this and how other Affiliates can take advantage of them?

DR: At the end of the day, we’re selling the same thing every day: results. I think it’s important to find new and creative ways to inspire our athletes, and soon to be athletes, to take advantage of all of the services and expertise available to them here. We also have to recognize we can’t make an offer one time and see where it lands. Different people will respond to different offers at different times. And the same may even be true of the same person. What didn’t catch their eye in September may catch it now. We want to constantly be letting people know what we have to offer so when they’re ready to act we’re top of mind.

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