CrossFit Copenhagen Chain Ends Affiliation

CrossFit Copenhagen
Images courtesy of CrossFit Copenhagen’s Facebook page.

CrossFit Copenhagen’s owners have announced all 27 of their locations will unaffiliate on March 30.

It comes after 12 years of growing the brand, which started with CrossFit Copenhagen. Owners Klaus Vesti and Andreas Bang founded the gym, as well as 26 other locations — 25 in Denmark and one in Germany.

However, due to the evolution of the business, the brand has decided to rename itself to Arca. The official name change will also include a new website and a new Arca membership card.

CrossFit Copenhagen isn’t the first gym to rebrand. Elevate did so in 2017. Read the story here: “Elevation Nation at Elevate.”

According to a press release — translated using Google Translate — the business has been moving further and further away from the basic idea of CrossFit over the past 12 years. The owners said they are at last ready to build their own brand of functional training.

But, they have reassured their members, “the only difference is we are taking ownership of our core product, which is something we have spent years developing. The training, the mood and the community remain the same. CrossFit is trademark registered functional training where Arca is a similar variant.”

CrossFit Copenhagen
The gym’s new brand.

In the press release, the gym also answered several questions most members might have when a gym unaffiliates. For example:

  • Q: Can we still use CrossFit lingo?
    A: We can continue to use AMRAP, WOD, EMOM, etc.
  • Q: Are the standards still the same as before? 
    A: Yes.
  • Q: How will an Arca workout look? 
    A: Exactly like today. Fifty-five minutes to an hour where we typically have a part with strength/skill work, as well as a workout and possibly something extra.

Whether or not unaffiliating is in the cards for you, during an identity/brand change it is key to remember to be open and honest with what’s happening. 

See the Morning Chalk Up’s write up on the news here: “CrossFit Copenhagen’s 27 Gyms to End CrossFit Affiliation.”

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