Episode 15: Hear CrossFit COMO’s Ambassadors Roar!


Have you ever wanted to know exactly what your members think? Michael Wuest did, and he found a way to make that happen.

At CrossFit COMO in Columbia, Missouri, something called the Ambassadors Program was created two years ago. It is a way for Wuest to hear exactly what his membership wants out of the Box, as well as have help when it comes to making new members feel welcome, old members feel taken care of and parties to be planned.

Check out the latest episode of Box Talk to hear more about what the Ambassadors Program is, how it got started, how Wuest keeps it running successfully and how you can add one to your own Box.

Show Notes

  • How Mike Wuest found CrossFit and started CrossFit COMO.
  • The similarities between the restaurant industry and the CrossFit industry.
  • Where does Disney and The Disney Way fit into Wuest’s journey?
  • The why behind something called CrossFit COMO’s Ambassador Program.
  • Breaking down the application process for becoming ambassadors.
  • Wuest believes in showcasing his ambassadors on his website and on social media.
  • Why the Ambassador Program went from one-year terms to indefinite.
  • As a business owner, you see the Box from your perspective, but you need to put yourself in your athletes’ shoes.
  • The roles, responsibilities and requirements of those in the Ambassador Program.
  • How the ambassadors changed CrossFit COMO’s Saturday schedule.
  • One of the biggest benefits of having an Ambassador Program.
  • Don’t be afraid of disagreement. Wuest explains why.
  • As promised: Here’s a link to Wuest’s “How to Create and Run an Ambassador Program” article and CrossFit COMO’s Ambassador Program page.
  • How Wuest handled members who didn’t get picked for the program.
  • The Affiliate owner has to leave his or her ego at the door.
  • How the program allows for more “why” communication to happen.
  • Continue to chase excellence as a business owner! Wise words from Wuest.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.