CrossFit Bound Reopens for Business

CrossFit Bound reopens
Image courtesy of CrossFit Bound

CrossFit Bound located in Kennesaw, Georgia, reopened late April after the governor announced gyms could open starting April 24, 2020.

Owner Brandon Phillips said the majority of his members were requesting classes to begin. During the pandemic, CrossFit Bound had gone to an online platform for three weeks. While they are still providing those services to members who choose to stay at home, the Box has opened its physical doors once again.

“Our members are very happy,” said Phillips. “The first day almost every class was full. Everyone is keeping their distance, cleaning equipment and being responsible for their personal safety, which keeps those around them safe. The staff is amazing. Everyone wants to help make our facility safe and inviting for all members. The client experience and safety are the No. 1 priorities.”

But, with reopening has come a list of rules and measures to follow. Phillips listed the precautions they currently have in place:

  • All classes are capped at 12 people. “We have a 4,000 square-foot warehouse with 25-foot ceilings and 100 feet of pull-up bars and squat racks to give us the ability to have more than enough space to spread out and maintain a safe social distance from one another,” he said. “We also have two large bay doors that allow a considerable amount of sunlight into our facility and a Big Ass Fan to keep the air circulating.”
  • Members are required to enter and exit through the bay doors to minimize hands touching doors. 
  • Everyone is required to sanitize hands upon entering and leaving the facility. 
  • Members must have their temperature taken upon entering the building.
  • Every piece of equipment that is touched or used must be wiped down. 
  • No sharing of equipment is allowed, meaning no partner workouts.
  • Staff clean the floor with a Bulldog scrubber two to three times a day. 
  • Recently, the gym purchased a hydroxyl generator that runs at night and throughout the day to eliminate airborne germs, bacteria and viruses. It also disinfects and cleans the air in the facility.
  • Members must leave the building immediately following classes. There is no socializing or hanging out in the building.
  • Members must wear their gear in the building; no cubbies are allowed to be used in order to minimize people being close to one another
  • A majority of the workouts are programmed to be outside.

For other gyms looking to reopen, Phillips said you need to be detailed when it comes to the new rules and standards of your gym. He said to think about how a member enters the building, what they bring in, where they hang out, where they stand while working out, how to program workouts with social distancing, etc. “Every detail must be taken into account to create the best standards of operations for your members to be safe while training,” he said.

All in all, as states and Affiliates are debating about when to open, Phillips noted that in the end Boxes are part of the fight against COVID-19. “We know our personal health is one of the greatest weapons we have against the coronavirus,” he said. “Our gyms and what we provide are essential.”

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