CrossFit Anywhere and Everywhere

Anywhere Fit Trips

To do CrossFit anywhere. That was what Blair Morrison wanted his Box to represent, and so, that’s the name it took.

CrossFit Anywhere, located in both Folsom and Roseville, California, began in 2011 after Morrison had traveled a long winding path. His first exposure to CrossFit was while playing football at Princeton University, and he continued to pursue it through his personal training years, pushing to compete in the Games once he had heard about the competition.

But, perhaps the largest influence, at least in terms of his business, was the year he spent abroad in a master’s program that took him to the Netherlands, Paris and England. “I was studying abroad and I was trying to find ways to workout without use of a regular gym, and the idea of being able to do CrossFit anywhere was something I was forced into, and it was necessary for me, and I loved the idea,” said Morrison.

Whether it be running up the Eiffel Tower or doing wall climbs on Prague Castle, Morrison’s fitness was atypical. So, when he returned to the U.S. and opened his Box, it’s no wonder his gym followed that same way of being different.

With large windows that let in natural lighting, being located in a retail location and having a focus on making the inside beautiful — which includes its six elaborately customized lifting platforms — CrossFit Anywhere is far from usual. “I guess I just got tired of being in a dungeon when I was going to all these gyms,” he explained.

But to stick with the “Anywhere” theme, Morrison said they try to do as much outside as possible. Being located near a lake allows for swims during the summer; working out on trails and in the parking lot occurs often; if it’s raining, Morrison said they’ll still go outside.

Alongside the outdoor focus, there is also an emphasis on gymnastics — complete with spring floor, balance beam and more. “I wanted that to be more of a real part of our programming rather than just an afterthought,” he said. “Every time I did that stuff, it was just so interesting to practice these skills that maybe were not competitively relevant … but it was still a really great test of fitness at the same time.”

Overall, it comes back to what CrossFit Anywhere stands for and its branding. Morrison said Box owners need to know their niche, and then within it, make themselves unique. “You have to have something that is yours within your market,” he explained.

For Morrison, it’s the fact of doing CrossFit anywhere. That may mean taking people on his weeklong Anywhere Fit Trips to places like Iceland, Europe and South America. “The whole trip is based around the idea that you don’t need a gym to workout. So we workout on the road, in the ocean, wherever we are,” he said. “We do all the same stuff you would normally do as a tourist. We go to museums and go to famous buildings, but we’re going to do handstand pushups on the side of it, and partner carries.”

Or, making his gym unique may mean simply taking advantage of the environment around his Box. However, whatever it be, one thing is for sure: Anywhere he wants to do CrossFit, Morrison will see that he does.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at