All on the Line at CrossFit 604

CrossFit 604

When Jason Darr was 35 years old, his career as a professional musician came to an end. Darr began working a nine-to-five desk job, and his body quickly paid the price for this decision. 

“I put on weight — the bad kind — really quickly and felt older than I have ever felt,” said Darr. “My wife tried to help me by enrolling us in various different fitness programs, and all of them had the same result — two months of consistent hard work and then a decline back to the old, crappy lifestyle. CrossFit was the last thing we tried and the first thing that really opened our eyes as to how enjoyable a fitness program could be.”

Realizing the happiest hour of their day was spent at the CrossFit gym, their next decision was an easy one. The couple decided to forgo their nine-to-fives in order to follow their happiness, and CrossFit 604 in Vancouver was born.

“We had already seen 30-plus CrossFit gyms in our travels and knew there was a gapping hole in our market for the kind of CrossFit gym we wanted as consumers,” said Darr. “We made a list of everything we wanted our gym to have, and everything our gym must not have. We stuck to that list and built our dream gym. We laid it all on the line and built it with the hopes that it would pay off.”

Darr explained what sets CrossFit 604 apart from the rest of the industry is their desire to excel in a combination of the elements that make up an undeniable CrossFit Box. They are constantly looking for ways to better their space, coaching and services.

“We meet weekly to see how we can be better,” said Darr. “We set the bar for ourselves, and then top it. And then we do that again. And again. You can always improve, and if you think you can’t you’re done.”

The bar for improvement is set for the Coaches as well. Darr believes a strong gym begins with a strong staff.

“My wife and I recognized our strengths and weaknesses and built a team based on those things to ensure everyone brought something to the table,” said Darr. “We lead by example, work our asses off and reward our team members for doing the same.”

Since inception, CrossFit 604 has been built on commitment. After leaving their day jobs, Darr and his wife have put all their eggs in the CrossFit basket and have no intention of stopping any time soon.

“You need to be all in if you want to open a Box,” said Darr. “If you put in a half-assed effort, you’ll be lucky to get half the result. My wife and I put it all on the line financially, and committed to the gym 150 percent. We quit our jobs and poured every nickel and every second we had into starting our business. You can count on CrossFit 604 improving in what we do, offer and achieve. It’s our mantra and what we live by. We are always itching to be better at what we do. That you can count on.”

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