Creating Custom Hashtags

Utilizing hashtags.Love them or hate them, hashtags have infiltrated our modern day language. They are being used to describe every action, feeling, taste ­— you name it! Just ask Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake.

So what exactly is the benefit of using hashtags for your business? Hashtags can be used on numerous social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as a way to turn any word or phrase into a clickable link. This enables the user to see a feed of posts that include that hashtag and gives you the ability to track the success of your marketing efforts.

While hashtags are certainly being overused and have deviated from their original purpose, they can still be used as a powerful marketing tool if done correctly. However, there are a few things you need to consider to use them effectively.

Do Your Research

Before deciding to use the first hashtag that comes to mind, you will want to do your research. What you think is the perfect hashtag to for your Box — maybe it’s your acronym — could already be popular in another industry. Not only will your message get lost to an audience that won’t benefit you, but you could be sending the wrong message to the audience you want.

Use Something Unique and Easy to Remember

Once you’ve done your research, it’s time to choose a unique hashtag that conveys the message you want to get across to your audience. Pick a few that can work in a variety of different posts. Maybe it’s the name of your Box, your head Coach or your slogan. Just make sure it is easy for people to remember so they use it to help spread your message.

Spread the Word

Once you’ve determined the most effective hashtags for your Box, it’s time to spread the word about them. Create a fun image (use this great resource from Canva) and share your hashtags with your audience. Encourage them to use these in their posts.

Track Your Reach

After using your new hashtags, it’s time to see how they are working for you. There are various tools available to track all of your social media accounts, but one of the best for hashtags on Twitter and Instagram is Hashtracking. This will give you a great overview of the metrics for your unique hashtags, which you can use to determine the efficiency of your campaigns.

Try out creating your own custom hashtag and see how this can be a powerful tool in your social media marketing!

Sarah McGovern is the Founder & CEO of RAD Media, LLC, a strategic marketing & communications firm specializing in brand development, social media marketing and event management. She started CrossFit in 2012 and now works with Boxes across the country to improve their marketing and business strategies.