Creating a Summer Kids’ Camp

Kids camp.

Summer is a time of swimming, barbecues and camps, and CrossFit Decatur has taken initiative to board that train.

For the first three weeks in July, the CrossFit located in Decatur, Georgia, will be holding week-long kids camps. Aged 5 to 14, about 20 kids will fill the Box each five-day session. The director of the camp, Lisa Milko, explained this is their first time putting on the summer activity, and CrossFit Decatur has pulled out all the stops.

From a Reebok sponsorship to a hip hop instructor to a trip to the public pool down the street, Milko explained the 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. days are full. Kids will start with an hour-long workout. After, a cooking class will be held to teach kids about nutrition and show them how to make healthy snacks. Packed with team games and various activities, Milko said the goal of the camp is two-fold. “Learning how to be healthy and active is definitely a piece of it, but a lot of the camp day is other fun stuff,” she said.

The idea for the camp was born from conversations held within the Box. A mother of three boys under the age of 10, Milko said she was among the many parents who enroll their kids in summer camps. And being an event planner, Milko explained the camp wasn’t hard to organize after the idea was proposed.

When asked how other Affiliates can take on creating their own camp, Milko explained the first thing one needs to look at is the days and how you want to split them up. She suggested asking what kids would want to do. The next step is simple. “Look to your neighbors, look to your members and see who can fill in where,” she said.

For the arts and crafts activity, Milko reached out to a CrossFit Decatur member who owns a shop focused on the subject matter. Another member works in the public relations department for the Braves baseball team, and she recruited some of the players to appear at the camp for one of the days. Overall, Milko said CrossFit Boxes often have such a diverse population that you can find members willing to share their talents.

The business benefit is there too. “From a business standpoint, of course it’s great to have kids come in … who have parents who are not members and then exposed to a really positive, fun experience inside a gym that isn’t intimidating, and you get to see this awesome family,” she said.

By marketing to neighbors, parents, businesses and even her kids’ sports teams, Milko said the demographic CrossFit Decatur is reaching out to is wide. This is a positive as she hopes to carry on the camp annually. To her, it’s more than just about kids having fun. “It goes to the whole approach of the camp about making it holistic fitness, self improvement, nutrition; so that makes for a nice, well-rounded kid,” she said.

Example: CrossFit Decatur’s flyer for its kids’ camp.


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