COVID-19 Affiliate Advice: Waiting for the Green Light

Running outdoors at YorkFit.

As part of our ongoing Affiliate advice series, Anthony McCormick, a co-owner of CrossFit Hickory, and Tim Steel, the owner and lead programmer for YorkFit, share what their Boxes are doing to prepare to welcome members back into their gym. 

CrossFit Hickory in Hickory, North Carolina, closed its doors in March and is eagerly waiting to return to their Box. The gym has been able to host workouts outdoors, but they miss seeing all their members and barbells. 

In order to make reopening the Box easy, McCormick said him and his co-owner Josh Park have five main precautions they are putting in place:

1. Limiting class size to the number of squat stations in the Box. McCormick said these sections will be taped off and there will be six feet between each one. 

2. Have all equipment staged in the athlete’s section. McCormick said this is so there is no need for members to wander around looking for equipment. 

3. McCormick said each member station will have cleaning materials so members can clean their equipment before and after use. 

4. CrossFit Hickory’s members will use a single door for entry and a separate door for exiting. “The exit door will remain open during class times so it will not be a touch point,” said McCormick. 

5. Lastly, McCormick said they will continue to support their members and promote cleaning and safety measures to eliminate the chance of spreading COVID-19 inside their Box. 

Members workout outside at CrossFit Hickory.

YorkFit in York, Pennsylvania, has closed also been closed since March. Although the Box hasn’t been operating, Steel has continually preached why health and exercise are more important than ever. Below are seven step he is taking to keep his members safe when they are welcomed back:

1. Virtual programming. Steel said YorkFit will continue to offer at-home workouts for the long term.

2. Taped off zones. Each member will have their own section to workout in to practice social distancing.

3. Steel said members are required to wash hands upon arrival and after every workout. 

4. Everyone entering the Box will have their temperature taken at the door.

5. YorkFit has installed two hand sanitizer stations for member and staff use. 

6. Steel said they are cleaning both doors and door handles before each class. 

7. “All personal training equipment is left out until the session is over, and then it is cleaned up after the client leaves,” said Steel. 

While some gyms are open and getting back to WODs, some still have not been given the greenlight to reopen. As owners and Affiliates, it is important to continue to be prepared and learn from one another.

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