COVID-19 Affiliate Advice: Tiger King, Remodeling and More

COVID-19 Affiliate Advice

As part of our ongoing Affiliate advice series, three Affiliates share what they’re doing to survive COVID-19.  

Kyle Rochefort
Owner of The Fort CrossFit

1. Over communicate with your clients. Text. Facebook. Zoom. Instagram. There are so many platforms to connect with your people. 

2. Lend out equipment. We loaned out most of our gear to members who wanted some. They were grateful, and we can continue to provide custom exercise plans through True Coach to all of our people.

3. Ask for help. From your clients, staff, landlord and local businesses. Everyone right now could use a helping hand to stay in business. 

Mark Khamboonphet
Owner of CrossFit Forney

1. We kept our members engaged. We posted at-home workouts with videos of demonstrations of movements with voice overs. We created a hashtag so people would use it as they posted on their social media platforms. We did Zoom classes and kept it interesting and fun with virtual backgrounds of the gym, beaches and Tiger King. 

During these Zoom classes we signed on with two devices and shared one device’s screen and used it as a clock that everyone could see. We also would do live classes on Facebook so people could just watch us suffer along with them. 

2. We were fortunate enough to be able to remodel the gym during this closure. We would put quick little images in our daily videos as teasers. We finally did a Facebook Live to show the whole gym last night and got great feedback, and made people excited about returning. Most of our members continued to pay their memberships so we wanted to show we weren’t just sitting around and collecting their money. We wanted to show they were still getting value and had a new gym to come back to.

3. We checked on our members. We sent out emails and messages regularly. We even called members just see how they were doing and dealing with being quarantined. Keeping communication up was helpful for us and our members. Just because we’re stuck at home doesn’t mean we can’t reach out to each other.

Kristin Ratnofsky
Owner of CrossFit Cornelius

1. Keep calm and carry on. You are the leader of your community and calm is contagious. 

2. Control what is controllable. What can you do each day that will continue to provide a positive environment for your members?  

3. Look at this as an opportunity. How can you learn from this to better serve your community now and in the future? Be willing to completely re-evaluate your current model.

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