COVID-19 Affiliate Advice: Finding the Positive in the Pandemic

COVID-19 Affiliate advice
Images courtesy of CrossFit Mandeville

As part of our ongoing Affiliate advice series, Lacey Guillot, a Coach and the marketing coordinator of CrossFit Mandeville, shares marketing strategies for new members and how to turn the pandemic into a positive. 

CrossFit Mandeville in Mandeville, Louisiana, had to close their Box for eight weeks due to the coronavirus pandemic. While the pandemic has affected them, they are choosing to see the positive side of the situation.

“The COVID-19 pandemic impacted our gym/community, but honestly in all positive ways,” said Lacey Guillot, a Coach and the marketing coordinator of the Box. “Our members continued to pay their membership fees in order to keep our doors open and our Coaches paid.”

Although the Box couldn’t have members inside their walls, they still gave their members resources to continue their exercise. Guillot said they allowed members to checkout equipment for at-home workouts, scheduled Facebook Live workouts daily and ran a sweat selfie contest each week. Winners of the contest received a FitAid delivered to their doorstep by one of their Coaches.

“We truly believe we took a terrible situation and turned it into the best thing to happen to our community,” said Guillot. “Once we were given the ‘3-2-1-Go’ to open, we immediately began deep cleaning the gym and every crevice that it entailed.”

Like other Boxes, CrossFit Mandeville marked socially distancing squares on the floor for safe execution of workouts. Taking it a step further, they also rolled out a system for members to reserve a spot in a class to eliminate the chance of overcrowding the limited spots. 

Though class sizes are restricted, the Box is still hoping to attract new members. 

Guillot said they have used their Facebook page as a platform to showcase all the things their members achieved during quarantine. She also said many of their new inquiries came from members talking about all the cool things CrossFit Mandeville did while shut down, like their Facebook Live workouts, equipment checkout, etc. 

“During the shutdown, we got the news that we had been voted ‘Northshore’s Best CrossFit Gym for 2019,’” said Guillot. “This is a high honor in our area. To say that shifted our mindset during quarantine is an understatement. We were beyond honored to receive that news and just knew that once things opened back up, we would be OK.”

For other owners planning their reopening or navigating the new normal, Guillot said to use your voice. She explained Boxes have a wide array of people walking through their doors each day and they should showcase that. Her Box takes videos every day of different classes to really show who comes to workout. “People want to see people like them working out and that’s what we realized has been the biggest magnet for new faces,” she said. 

Though the pandemic has caused the Box to face challenges, Guillot believes her Box is better for it. “During the COVID-19 pandemic, our gym has realized our community really is invincible and stronger than any force we’ve ever come in contact with,” said Guillot.  

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