COVID-19 Affiliate Advice: Community Connection

COVID-19 Affiliate
Images courtesy of CrossFit Milford

As part of our ongoing Affiliate advice series, Jason Leydon, the founder and head trainer at CrossFit Milford in Milford, Connecticut, shares how the coronavirus pandemic has affected his Box and their plans for the future. 

CrossFit Milford closed their doors on March 16 and have been providing various resources to their members ever since. From daily workouts to live-streamed lifestyle and nutrition chats, they’ve been determined to keep their community connected. 

Box Pro sat down with Jason, Leydon, the founder and head trainer at CrossFit Milford, to discuss the impact COVID-19 has had on his Box and what’s next:

Box Pro: What have been your biggest takeaways from the COVID-19 pandemic?

Jason Leydon: How much people need the community of their gyms. Being part of something larger, of a tribe, of a group of like-minded individuals can create an amazing spark in people’s lives. Once gyms can reopen, people will come back stronger than ever, as long as the gyms can provide that sense of loyalty, community and togetherness.

BP: How has it impacted you?

JL: We have had to adapt, as every other gym. Our community held as strong as they could have through this time.

BP: What are your plans for reopening?

JL: Our date is June 20, 2020. So, we have spent a lot of time establishing new operating procedures for members and Coaches in order to keep everyone safe and active.

BP: Do you have any marketing plans in place to attract new members?

JL: We are not really changing our plans. We spent a lot of time establishing our perceived values from our members, and we have strategic plans to market to our ideal client. We will continue down this path unless we need to pivot.

BP: What advice can you give to other Affiliates about reopening or planning for the future?

JL: There is a new normal. Establish your patterns around that, not what it was. Develop your ideal clientele and focus on what they value within your facility. Then, put attention to those values strategically each month to drive brand loyalty.

Conducting virtual classes from the gym.

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