Cost-Effective Solutions for the Owner

Cost effective solutions.

Running a CrossFit business is no easy feat. Although it can be extremely enjoyable and much reward can come out of building your dream, there are still many factors to consider: location, facility, permits, taxes, equipment, employees and above everything else, budget. In our facility, we love the name brands but we love cheaper solutions just as much.

The goal of this article is to encourage and assist both the new CrossFit owner and the veteran CrossFit owner in finding new ways to save. Below you will find some cost-effective solutions to keeping your budget in check, keep the cash flow coming and keep your members extremely happy.

In 2015, the CrossFit Games introduced a new apparatus, the Airdyne. It is a brutal yet effective solution to exceptional endurance. For the CrossFit Affiliates that have a steady cash flow and many members, the acquisition of multiple Airdynes was an easy purchase. But for those CrossFit Boxes who are starting out or have a smaller member base, the $1,000 Airdyne was not an option.

When our facility was ready to invest in our members again after a year of growth, we found other solutions. We invested our money in other areas. I am cautious to say we compromised because what we got was more than enough. And our members are addicted to them. The Marcy AR-1 Fan bikes are a beautiful solution to adding another cardio element to your programming. For $280 per bike, you are looking at roughly four for the price of one Airdyne. This includes a two-year warranty and with an Amazon Prime account at $99 per year, you will get free shipping as well. Not a “better” solution but “another” solution. They are effective. They are smart. Your paycheck will thank you for it.

Another essential item for facilities over 4,000 square feet is the amazing Big Ass Fan. It is a 14-foot powerhouse that will both save in energy cost in the summer and heating costs in the winter. Many industrial facilities or warehouses where CrossFit Boxes find solace in have heating that extends to the walls instead of the middle of your workout area. The issues with this are that one, heat rises, and two, your heat will be running all day just to get your building from 50 degrees to 60 degrees. That is a lot of wasted money for 10 degrees. Last winter, we doubled our energy bill and tripled our heating bill without the fan. With the aerodynamics of the Big Ass Fan, we are able to suck that heat from the walls and draw it to the middle of the floor, heating our facility faster and cheaper. The fan pays for itself within six months.

Barbells, metal plates and dumbbells can be found at gyms that are closing down. When a commercial gym enters your area, be rest assured that the little gym down the road might have to close its doors. Why wouldn’t you want to spend $30 for unlimited access, group spin classes, pizza every third Friday and tanning? I mean, what a deal! But we as CrossFitters know that CrossFit is the solution to longevity of life. We know the best ways and the safest ways to utilize this equipment. So, before investing in the above, look for small gyms who have to close their doors due to competition. Many of the items are still in good shape and can be bought for less.

Aesthetics are important but not as important as fulfilling your calling of changing lives. And worrying about money can hinder that calling. It’s always great to buy the Rogue or the Again Faster equipment. It looks incredible and makes your facility shine. After all, CrossFit only uses Rogue. They are trusted brands. But at the end of the day the same outcome can happen with “other” solutions and your Box will still be an exceptional facility.

Jonathan Burgard is the founder and co-owner of True Glory CrossFit. Contact him at