Confessions of a Box Pro Summit Attendee


Box Pro sat down with Matt Scanlon, the founder and CEO of CrossFit Memorial Hill, to ask about his experiences as an attendee of the Leadership Summit so all your real questions could be answered:

Box Pro Magazine: What do you value the most about attending the Leadership Summit each year?

Matt Scanlon: The Summit has become a great time to catch up and connect with other gym owners I’ve only known over the internet.

BP: How is being involved in roundtables during the event different than attending a traditional education session at other events?

MS: It is a much more engaging experience that, ultimately, results in the attendees arriving at individualized solutions for their businesses.

BP: What were you most surprised about after attending the event the first time?

MS: I was surprised at how fun and low-key the event was. No egos or people monopolizing time – just a fun group of abundant-minded gym owners.

BP: Why should other Affiliates attend an event like this?

MS: Continuing business education should be a mandatory requirement for business owners. Much like we require our Coaches to maintain high standards and education, we owe it to ourselves to also sharpen the ax with leadership and business skills.

The Box Pro Leadership Summit will take place November 14-16 in Louisville, Kentucky. Forty Affiliates alongside limited sponsors will come together for two days of roundtable discussions, networking and fun. Limited attendee spots remain. Email for additional details while spots last.  Visit the event website for a full event itinerary.