Community-Minded at Widespread CrossFit

Widespread CrossFit

Kari and Matt Kirkendall opened Widespread CrossFit in Broomfield, Colorado, in 2014. Matt found CrossFit after suffering from an injury due to ultramarathon running and was looking for a different form of fitness. Kari explained it was by sheer accident she ended up being as passionate as she is today about the form of fitness. 

“I never wanted to try CrossFit,” said Kari. “But eventually I found myself in a class after some persuasion, and when I did it took about three classes before I was completely hooked. I was coaching about three months later, and it’s been my entire life ever since.”

Kari and Matt met through coaching at the same gym. The duo was so passionate about the sport they knew opening a Box of their own would be in the near future. They began researching spaces, and have now been a functional fitness business for three and a half years. 

Success from Community Focus

Kari credits their success as a business to being completely community focused. She explained they have no desire to be a 300-member gym, and hope to remain smaller so they are able to devote as much time as possible to creating a space specific to their members. 

“We stay focused on what each member wants and needs,” said Kari. “Everyone in this area, all of their kids play sports together and they go to community events together. We want to keep that community going by giving them this space for fitness.”


Widespread CrossFit also has partnerships with other wellness businesses in the area to create a community working together to bring healthier lifestyle options to their members.

“We have a partnership with a massage therapist down the street to help with recovery for our athletes,” explained Kari. “We also work with the yoga studio next door, along with a meal prep company one of our members started. We want to focus on figuring out what valuable health option is missing for our people, and then find a way to bring that to them without making them seek it out for themselves.”

Creating a Digital Platform

One of those health options Kari found to be missing for her members was the ability to access their gym and workouts for those unable to come in to the physical space. Currently, Widespread CrossFit is creating a digital platform to help members do just that. 

The resource will have videos and instructions on how to execute CrossFit workouts at home

“Our digital platform is going to be very beginner focused and will be for people who may be too scared to come into the gym or intimidated by the word CrossFit to give us a try,” said Kari. “Maybe they are a stay-at-home mom with three children and they can’t find the time to get away, or don’t have many friends in the area and are intimidated by trying something new by themselves. Going digital and online is a large focus of ours right now, and I want to be able to bring fitness into as many people’s lives as possible, and this is the best platform for that.”

With the upcoming launch of its digital platform and the desire to bring fitness and wellness to its community, Widespread CrossFit is sticking true to its mission. Kari said it’s something to keep in mind for others getting into the business. 

“There are long days in the beginning, and your livelihood is dependent on if other people accept your business model, which can be tough,” said Kari. “If you stay true to your passion of bringing health and wellness into the lives of those you meet, it can only help along the way.”

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