Community Involvement Worth the Effort


It was Saturday morning and while most CrossFitters were hitting up WODs in their Box, CrossFit South Bank had brought its equipment to the beach.

On March 21, 2015, Louisiana’s only national forest, Kisatchie National Forest, held a day full of events and activities in order to celebrate Kisatchie National Forest Day.

CrossFit South Bank located in Alexandria, Louisiana, was in charge of holding a WOD demonstration on the beach and then running a community workout. “It’s taking CrossFit out of the Box and putting it in the community so that everyone gets to get a little small taste of it,” said Lisa Lauve

While the event ended up getting partially rained out, Lauve, a co-owner of the Box, had no regrets. “We just try to be involved,” she said. “We feel like it’s good for our community. It’s a way to give back and encourages our members to give back to the community.”

The Kisatchie National Forest Day was just one of the many ways CrossFit South Bank looks to get involved. While Lauve said the purpose of the demonstration that day was to show people that CrossFit is not just for the elite, other events are often centered more on fundraising. For instance, Lauve and her members will participate in this year’s Louisiana Dragon Boat Race fundraiser put on the Alexandria Museum of Art.

Lauve said her and CrossFit South Bank co-owner Jeff Prejean aim to try and do an event every quarter. While they often choose which they would like to participate in, if members approach them with an idea, Lauve and Prejean are open to it. “We have a lot of military and police officers in our gym. Supporting what matters to them is important,” she said. “We can’t do everything, but we can pick and choose things that we feel are important to our members and are important to us.”

Although working out on the national forest’s beach and filling up a 20-person dragon boat is fun, Lauve said it takes work, warning other Affiliates of that truth. “Events require a time commitment and organization, and it’s an extracurricular,” she said.

However, in the end it is beneficial to Lauve and CrossFit South Bank to get involved in the community. “We usually get so much out of it ourselves just because we’ve given back,” she said. “It means a lot to our members that we’re involved in the community that it’s well worth the effort.”

Photos of two CrossFit South Bank events: (L) Living 4 Burke screening and (R) Pink Dress Run for the annual Komen Race for the Cure.

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