Don’t Lose Your Identity

Bio Pics

When your mouse scrolls over Andy Thompson’s bio picture on, the image changes from a professional headshot to an image of him looking up into the sky with his fist under his chin. The same happens for each of his trainers’ photos, each with a different, funny pose.

As the Affiliate of CrossFit Hollywood in Los Angeles, California, Thompson said the idea of two images wasn’t planned. Spontaneity during the photo shoot produced silly headshots, and they decided those photos fit the culture of the gym. “Whenever we initially did it, it was a collaboration idea … it gives it a little more personality,” said Thompson.

By showing both images, Thompson said it demonstrates while trainers are there to coach members, they’re are human, too.

Instead of a photoshoot, Ben Isabella, the Affiliate of CrossFit Sayerville in Sayerville, New Jersey, decided to take images off his trainer’s personal Facebook pages without their permission. Thankfully, they were all OK with the images taken.

And he has no plans of ever taking professional images. “I never see myself putting up a picture with all of us against the same background with CrossFit Sayerville on it. I just don’t see myself doing that. I like the silliness of it,” said Isabella.

As a website resource for Box owners, Trey Table from Siteplicity said having professional photos is preferred. But if that’s not possible, having consistent, hi-res images of your Coaches is critical.

If Boxes find they don’t have time for professional photos, Tamble recommended taking iPhone pictures of each Coach, from the same angle and zoom and wearing the gym’s apparel. “You can always hire a photographer down the road, if it’s not in the budget or just not in your timeframe for the time being. It doesn’t take very long to take those photos with an iPhone if you have to. People at the end of the day really like to see who they’re working with,” explained Tamble. And because humans are attracted to eyes, make sure sunglasses or hats are not involved.

In the instance a Box wants to show more personality, Tamble recommends Thompson’s method of imagery or including an entire page on the site for each Coach. A page would allow more information and more images can be spread throughout the description.

Most importantly, use the members of your Box as resources. Thompson himself does not own a “fancy camera,” but with the help of skilled members at his Box, he was able to create the interactivity on CrossFit Hollywood’s website.

Hayli Goode is the former digital editor for Peake Media.