Cleaning at its Finest

Cleaning at its finest

If a potential client walks into your Box and sees a dirty gym, you will most likely not make a recurring member out of them. With a strong cleaning schedule, however, you can make sure potential members are there to stay.

George Keklik, owner of CrossFit TriTown in Monroe, Connecticut, explained how a good cleaning schedule and system is key to the functioning of the Box. He sat down with Box Pro Magazine to answer some questions about what CrossFit TriTown’s typical cleaning schedule is like and what they have found works best for them.

Box Pro: What is the typical cleaning schedule like for your Box?

George Keklik: We clean our Box every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. We have a 6,000-square-foot facility so the floors take about 45 minutes, but that’s the first thing we do. We sweep, then we use a machine to clean the floors and then we reorganize the dumbbells, the kettlebells and the bumper plates. We wipe down our pull-up rig because there’s always left over chalk, so we go over that with a rag and some cleaner. A lot of the cleaning schedule is organizing because our members seem to do a good job at keeping what they use clean. After a workout, we tell everyone obviously to recover and catch your breath while you cool down. Once they start putting their equipment away, we tell them to wipe everything.

BP: What have you found works best in terms of ventilation?

GK: We don’t have air conditioning in our gym, so over the summer the doors are open and the fans are running at all times. We have garage bay doors so when it’s not freezing out they stay open, as long as it’s not ice-cold freezing outside. That brings a lot of air circulation.

BP: How do you deal with the constant cleaning of chalk?

GK: There’s no way around chalk. We keep the antimicrobial wipes around so if people are writing their reps on the floor with chalk, or there’s just a mess of chalk everywhere, we encourage them to wipe it all down. We keep a dustpan handy in case someone knocks a chalk bucket over someone can go around and sweep it. That doesn’t always clean it up so it’s up to us as a cleaning crew to clean up when the classes are over at night.

BP: How do you battle the smell of sweat after classes?

GK: We are very clean in the gym because we have antibacterial wipes on every corner of the gym so people are always wiping their sweat off the ground, cleaning the barbells, and any equipment that they use so that helps as well because the sweat doesn’t just stay there and linger. We do have turf in our gym as well and we get that steam-cleaned regularly.

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