Combining Chiropractic and CrossFit


Source of Strength Fairfield. That is what SOSF stands for in CrossFit SOSF.

SOSF is the acronym for both Chris Skelton’s chiropractic practice and CrossFit gym, which are conveniently located in the same building. Both opened in November, 2013.

Skelton explained he was two years into chiropractic school when he got the idea of putting a gym and a chiropractor’s office together. “Which really wasn’t anything new,” he said. “Then my wife and I had the idea of how about a CrossFit gym and a chiropractic office? And the idea started evolving until we turned it into what we are now.”

The space is 5,000-square-feet total, with 1,800-square-feet dedicated to the chiropractic office. The Box has a head trainer who oversees the majority of the gym’s work. The chiropractic practice has an office manager who keeps everything running smoothly. Skelton will jump in and coach a few classes at the gym, but much of his time is spent with his patients.

At first, the practice was slow, but the CrossFit business started with about 60 members. Skelton had made a name for himself in the fitness industry with his personal training business before he went to chiropractic school. Overall, he said it was a little overwhelming opening two businesses at the same time, but having good people in place has helped Skelton be successful.


Legally, the businesses are separate entities. But, members can decide to lump in chiropractic appointments with their CrossFit membership.

For example, Skelton said one of his members, Mike, attends CrossFit every day. On Thursdays, Mike will show up 45-minutes early. Skelton will take time to treat not only soreness or perform myofascial work, but if Mike is having trouble with a lift, Skelton will break out his camera. “I’ll take a couple pictures from his back. We load it into the computer. We see if there is any asymmetry anywhere,” said Skelton.

His pairing of CrossFit and chiropractic is one of the differentiating factors for Skelton, in both his chiropractic practice and his CrossFit gym. “The truth of the matter is, if someone wants to go to a white coat chiropractor, I’m not bashing them at all, but I can point you in the direction of 50 of them down the road from me right now. I’m trying to make this a little bit different. I love this world of fitness and I love the world of CrossFit and exercise and weightlifting. I just wanted to bring something completely different to the table,” he said.

He has witnessed positive outcomes — chiropractic patients becoming CrossFit members. He has also faced negative remarks — Facebook comments on how he is using CrossFit to hurt people and build his chiropractic business. Overall, he said it has been good having the two businesses together.

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