Change for the Better


I love hearing how people found CrossFit.

Honestly, it’s how I start nearly every interview for a story or a podcast. I just like to hear my source’s story. How did he or she find out about CrossFit? Being owners, I talk to a lot of OG’s who were there when Greg Glassman was running the L1. They’ve seen a lot of change in the industry, and they’ve learned a lot along the way.

Zach Forrest is no different. When I first chatted with him over the phone in 2016 – as Max Effort Fitness was appearing on the cover in November/December of that year – I asked him that question. He shared about Dave Castro leading his SEAL training and getting them all to attend a weekend CrossFit training. It’s mind-blowing to hear where the industry has come from. And it’s definitely crazy to think about where it’s going.

Since I started with Box Pro four years ago, so much has changed. The idea of the garage gym is gone. Cleanliness and aesthetics have taken a new precedence. Affiliation vs. un-affiliation is a topic of discussion. CrossFit gyms are expanding their offerings. You now have more and more of the general population doing a fitness regimen that has changed so many of our lives.

So, when I sat back and re-listened to the interview with Forrest for the latest Box Talk episode, I couldn’t help but reflect on everything that’s changed. Even with Box Pro going fully digital.

And being who I am, it’s hard not to see that change is bad. Once I get in a routine, I like it. Habits create success. When something has to change, I question if it’s better and if it will be as beneficial. But, as CrossFit gyms are reaching more people to this day – and thus, making a positive impact on health – I can’t help but think all this change has been for the better.

Check out the latest podcast with Forrest and listen as he throws it back. But, I also challenge you to think on what has changed, what is changing and what will continue to change. It can’t hurt to think about.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at