The Challenge to Operate Your Business Like Kentucky Basketball

Business is like basketball.As a fitness writer for the vast majority of my career, I have rarely been able to even put pen to paper on one of my favorite topics — sports. However, today I’m going to break that mold and touch on one of my favorite sports in the world, college basketball.

You may not know this about me, but I’m an alumnus of the University of Kentucky, and while we do wear shoes to class, we also boast a relatively historic basketball program. This year really isn’t much different, other than the Wildcats find themselves undefeated going into the latter part of its season, getting hyped for March Madness.

At this point you’re probably thinking this article has no merit to your business. But that’s where I’ll begin by saying you’re wrong. What makes the basketball team of my alma mater great isn’t so much the amount of wins over the past six months, but rather how the team has played together.

You see, about six years ago Coach John Calipari took the head basketball coaching position at Kentucky. He brought with him a recruiting past with questions, but he also brought a recruiting acumen that isn’t seen in college sports today — unless you think Nick Saban and Urban Meyer are similar in football.

What makes this team so unique is the amount of high-level talent, playing a limited amount of minutes, scoring a limited amount of points, but still working together as a cohesive unit. Almost any of these players would be superstars on another team. To get all the players to work as one without being stars is a level of leadership and coaching that is unique to sports and just about any profession.

When I think about how successful they’ve been I think about how successful a business could be if all the positions worked together for one end goal. At your Box you have a team that specializes in different areas of fitness. Just like a basketball team, you need all the different positions to succeed. However, it’s vital that one position doesn’t overshadow the others, because they are necessary to the greatness of the facility.

The way that Coach Calipari’s team is operating this year, they may defy history to become only the second team since the 1976 Indiana Hoosiers to go undefeated. In basketball you have so many variables against you night in and night out. You could run across a hot shooter or your team may just not come prepared. In business, one would think it would be much easier to succeed.

There will always be mistakes, and different people will have better games/days at different times, but it’s how the team reacts that will shape its fortune. I challenge you and your team to operate like this year’s Kentucky basketball team. Be unselfish, leave your egos at the door and operate like a team out to defy history.

Unlike Kentucky, you don’t have one shot at perfection, but instead you get a lifetime to mold and push yourselves to reach greatness.

Tyler is a former editor of Box Pro Magazine.

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