Caring Down the Toilet


Greg Glassman himself has been quoted as saying the cleanliness of an Affiliate bathroom says a lot about a gym. And he’s right.

Read what three Affiliates have learned when it comes to keeping their bathrooms in tip-top shape.

Bryant Coble

Owner and Head Coach
Silver Wolf CrossFit

During the process of opening Silver Wolf CrossFit, Coble was surprised to learn the largest fee was the bathroom build out. However, he actually preferred spending the money because he said the state of his bathroom will show the members he cares. “When I saw Glassman’s comment, if you think about it, the bathrooms are where nobody wants to go. Nobody wants to worry about it. It’s behind doors, nobody ever notices. But imagine if you were a member and you were paying for CrossFit, and you walk into a bathroom and it’s not well kept. That’s a turn off,” he said.

Currently, he is building out his business’ bathroom. “We are putting a shower in. I think that’s kind of a necessity these days. If you know anybody that’s got a busy lifestyle, you’ve got to meet those needs.”

Zach Anderson

CrossFit Wrath

Other than the obvious bathroom necessities, Anderson suggested putting fun imagery in the bathroom. “Something cool: a Rich Froning picture with a quote, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Marilyn Monroe working out,” he explained.

In addition, Anderson sees the significance of having a bench in the bathroom. “There has to be some sort of apparatus in there that allows people to put their things on top of it and change clothes. [Members are] going to bring their gym bags and they don’t really want to put their clothes on the floor. They don’t really want to put them on top of the toilets either.”

Ron Del Duca

CrossFit Mayview

Del Duca, the Affiliate of CrossFit Mayview, took Glassman’s advice. Despite their free mints, coffee bar and WiFi capabilities, Del Duca explained the cleanliness of his gym, especially the bathroom, is what differentiates his Box.

“It has to smell good. We have certain types of products and things we use that [make it smell a certain way]. Our bathrooms smell great all the time. We have adequate ventilation. And it has to be kept up all the time [with] paper products,” he said.


Clean Commandments

Del Duca used to own a cleaning business in Virginia Beach. He has applied many tips he learned from that experience in keeping CrossFit Mayview clean:

  • Use a different mop in the bathroom than used in the WOD area. 
  • Use a “real mop,” meaning the kind of mop where you have to squeeze out water. 
  • Use just the right amount of sanitizer. Too much doesn’t make it cleaner, just more slippery. 
  • Keep toilet paper and paper towels stocked. 
  • Clean the bathroom every day. Allowing the bacteria to sit on the toilets and urinals creates an odor and allows for the bacteria to grow.
  • Have a toilet brush and some sort of commercial cleaning product in the bathroom at all  times. 
  • Clean the bathrooms between every class.
  • Never have members clean your Box.

Hayli Goode is the former digital editor for Peake Media.