What Caring Can Do

Keeping in contact with your members is essential.I’m having WOD withdrawal. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve been sick and unable to consistently go to my Box.

It’s been slightly depressing; however, I needed that time off to give my body the ability to recuperate. It’s difficult to do and more often than not, I keep working out and only get sicker. But at last, I am ready this week to get back into the rhythm of the gym.

I’m sure, in this season of sickness as I discussed a couple weeks ago, I’m not the only one missing class. However, when your athletes are out of service for a while, do you notice? Or do they come and go without a word from you or your Coaches as to where they’ve been?

When I stopped by my Box the other week, my absence was asked about. With just a couple of words and an observation, I was made to feel important and like I belonged. I felt like if I suddenly dropped off the face of the earth, someone would care about where I went (I mean, besides my parents. I assume they would care…).

So, how are you keeping track of your members? Do you have them on a list? Between you and your Coaches, do you know everyone? If someone left, would someone care?

As humans, we cherish being cared about. If someone could care less that I showed up, I would feel the same way and my resolve to go would fall. I know I am not alone in this people!

Whether it be a software to show how often someone has checked in at your Box over the last week, or whether it be simply meeting with your Coaches, talking about who hasn’t been seen around the gym lately, some way to keep record of your members is important. Then maybe send a postcard or call someone or shoot them an email. In fact, a Box I recently chatted with said they make an effort to call people after a week of not seeing them around. In doing so, two members who had thought about quitting decided to stay.

Keeping in touch and caring can take some effort, but it can also boost your retention. Let’s be honest, it would take more to get new members than to keep those you have. So, start taking note of who’s there and who isn’t. Then make a phone call or shoot an email.

You don’t know what your caring could do.

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.

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