Why Care What Supplements Your Members Take


When owning a Box, or any gym for that matter, the health of your members should be of top priority.

While providing your members with a welcoming, friendly atmosphere and being knowledgeable and well-educated when it comes to training is important, educating and providing your members on the right supplements is key.

Unless your member is already well-educated in nutrition, choosing the right supplement can be overwhelming. There are literally hundreds of proteins, pre-workout, post-workout and recovery products that all claim to be the best and most effective supplements around. However, most of the time these are just cheap products filled with all kinds of low-quality synthetic ingredients and fillers with no real nutritional benefit. In fact, some of these can do more harm than good. Even when shopping at retail locations, half of the time the employee working is barely educated. This is where you, the Box owner, comes in.

Your members are your members because they trust you with their health. So right there you have an advantage and a responsibility to them. You have their trust. So why not provide them with the knowledge and access to supplements that were truly created to help them increase their overall performance, recovery and health?

Just like how a car runs best on a full tank of gas, our bodies are the same. For optimal performance our bodies need the best. We need pure, simple, clean ingredients that are safe and effective. Products that are not processed, don’t have synthetics, simulants, added refined sugars, gums or allergens. Products full of toxins will do more harm than good to our bodies.

As a Box owner, you have the option to research and offer exceptional products to your members. While these products are far and few, they do exist.

What you want to do is find a brand that offers clean, pure, simple, whole food ingredients. The ingredient list should be minimal and should consist of ingredients you can pronounce. Knowing where the ingredients are sourced, how they are extracted and where they are produced is also important. If this information is not available on the packaging, you can usually find it on the company’s website or request more info from the company itself. Any company who also truly believes in their brand will offer Affiliates additional training, whether it be virtual or in person, to ensure you and your staff fully understand the components of each product and how they work.

Supplements are designed to help boost the nutrients you are lacking and/or have lost during your workout and throughout your busy day. Having your members fuel themselves with the best products available helps them not only in their performance, but in their recovery and overall health. Having your members recover properly with the right nutrients and vitamins is critical.

Proper recovery allows them to return to the gym with a clear, focused mind resulting in better technique, fewer injuries and maybe even PRs.

So to ensure your members are reaching the full potential in their training experience, knowing what they use to supplement is vital.

You can guide your members in doing so by offering them the supplements you believe are the best in your Box. Reach out as most companies have a sampling program to help you in this process.


By Jenelle Marion, the vice president of Paleoethics. For more information, email jenelle@paleoethics.com or visit paleoethics.com.