Capturing CrossFit Through the Media Lens

A photographer takes a photo of a CrossFit Milford member.

People have always been visual creatures. Social media and platforms like Instagram and YouTube only continue to prove this.

Millions, if not billions, of photos and videos are produced and shared daily, demonstrating the power of the visual. Perhaps it’s time for your Box to get onboard.

At CrossFit Milford in Milford, Connecticut, media is constantly being used. From instructional videos to photos of members working out, Sarah McGovern, marketing and communications consultant at the Box, said they use media in various ways. “We like to take a lot of video and photos of classes that we have and showcase our members and what they’re doing and the accomplishment that they have,” she said.

McGovern, also the founder and CEO of the marketing and communications firm RAD Media, LLC, started as a member at Milford over two years ago. Two other staff members, who basically manage the day-to-day aspects at the Box, make up the team in charge of all things media. However, McGovern noted they also encourage members to get in on the action, taking photos and video during classes. “It’s cool too, when people see themselves, a lot of times — hopefully they’ll get a good shot — and they’re like wow, I look strong in that,” said McGovern.

Also, with a designated team it allows McGovern to make sure someone is always scheduled to be taking photos and videos, writing a blog, or ready to take on events that come up. For that to work, she said communication is essential.

On top of showcasing its members and using media to build a stronger community, McGovern noted use of photos and videos has perks for the Box itself. “It’s a great way to reach out to not only our members, but the CrossFit community as a whole and other business partners too to showcase what we’re doing,” she said.

McGovern explained that by highlighting what CrossFit Milford is up to, it shows the various companies and brands in the CrossFit community what the Box is made of. “You want to showcase the good stuff and I think that if brands see that you’re a solid Box — you know what you’re doing, that you actually have good Coaching staff — they’ll want to work with you as well,” she said. “It’s a good partnership there.”

Plus, it helps, said McGovern, that “world-renowned Coach” Jason Leydon — he has trained several CrossFit Game athletes — owns the Box. By doing videos of Leydon’s “incredibly innovative programming,” McGovern said other athletes can take advantage of the Coach’s knowledge. “It’s a way to showcase what he’s doing as well and how we’re staying on the forefront of all of that,” she explained. “So it’s just another way to get out there what we’re doing instead of just having it in the Box.”

Overall, the media is simply to show members and the CrossFit community as a whole who you are as a Box. “Show what you are doing in your Box, and people love to see the high energy of CrossFit,” said McGovern. “They love to see people challenging themselves and doing new workouts and doing new movements and getting new PRs.”

McGovern also hopes that by showing what the Box is made of will not only draw in new partnerships, but new members too. “Encourage people to come to your Box to see the level of training that you’re doing and that they want to be a part of that,” she said.

Photo by Sarah McGovern 

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