To Buy or Not to Buy


If you have a pull-up bar, barbells and bumpers, you essentially have everything you need to start a Box, according to Jade Jenny, a co-owner of Champlain Valley CrossFit in Vermont. However, if you are aiming to get your athletes more suited for a weekend competition or even the Open, you might have to look into adding more specialty equipment.

Don Moss, the owner of CrossFit Apogee in Gibsonton, Florida, said he learned the best strategy was to aim for quantity first, and then shoot for quality as the membership rates begin to grow.

“If you are just starting a Box, you don’t necessarily have to say, ‘Hey we are all Rogue,’ or ‘We are all Again Faster,’” said Moss. “If you are introducing CrossFit to people in your area they aren’t going to know any better, so get the basic stuff that is going to last you a few years and not fall apart.”

Jenny takes the opposite approach to Moss, as he outfitted his entire Box in Rogue from the start. He found no reason to stray to other equipment brands because of how good Rogue was in terms of replacements and warranties. “We have been buying Rogue stuff forever and most of their stuff that they manufacture has pretty solid warranties,” said Jenny. “I have reached out to [Rogue] with a couple things that are probably past on their warranties and they still replace them immediately. For me, spending another 20 percent on gear is worth it in the long run. I have the barbells that I bought when I opened the gym in September of 2010 and they still work.”

While options of equipment are great in terms of finding the best price, Jenny said by having 100 percent Rogue, it has saved them time and scuffles over equipment usage. “We don’t have eight different types of barbells that look and feel different,” said Jenny. “I think that’s good because you don’t have people picking and choosing over bars.”

What it all boils down to, however, is customer service. “It’s just like CrossFit,” said Moss. “Customer service will go a long way. You want people that you trust and you like working with who will give you a good deal and care about you. All of these things are what your members would care about at your Box, so why not care about it with companies you deal with?”

Kaitlyn is a staff writer for Peake Media. Contact her at