Burpees for Breast Cancer Awareness

Burpees for Boobies

More often than not, in the month of October, Boxes will put on a breast cancer awareness event with barbells.

For CrossFit ACR, the WOD to raise awareness was all about burpees, and appropriately named the event Burpees for Boobies

“We wanted to be a little different, but still show effort, show purpose in what we’re doing, and then make it a little fun if other people want to donate to make friends do burpees,” said Kris Radican, the owner of the Box in Lynn Haven, Florida.

On Saturday, October 10 at the Burpees for Boobies event, CrossFit ACR raised $1,230 dollars. The event was programmed so that however many dollars were raised matched the number of burpees done by the attendees, in total. Sara Griffith, the marketing director at CrossFit ACR, knew the daughter of the director of Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. The gym used that connection to partner with Making Stide to raise money for the American Cancer Society.

In fact, Radican described Griffith as the kind of person who’s “always got a guy” she knows.

For example, she said while Facebook is an amazing tool to use, CrossFit ACR wanted to go beyond that platform in terms of marketing the event. She knew a reporter from the local news station and got a camera crew to come out to cover the event. Plus, Griffith had the members of the Box get involved in marketing. “We gave them flyers to take to their work and they all shared it on their Facebook,” she said.

Members do burpees.

Members perform burpees at CrossFit ACR.

Radican highly suggested utilizing various media sources to market these types of events. “I think it’s hugely important to get something like this out to the news, out to the papers, because honestly I think without doing it on somewhat of a scale like that, you’re losing a lot of opportunities to change somebody’s life,” said Radican. “And that’s what CrossFit is all about.”

Getting members excited about the event can also help its success, as Griffith pointed out. Plus, plenty of T-shirts are a must.

Radican also mentioned a beautiful parallel between burpees and cancer. Burpees are a hard movement, just as the road those with breast cancer travel is difficult.

And Radican said he jumps at any chance to make a difference in the fight against cancer. “For me personally, my father died of lung cancer, so anytime a big event that I can try to help with that has anything to do with any kind of cancer, I’m going to try to head that up or try to do something for it,” he said. “If it’s anything from just donating or actually doing an event, I’m going to try to do it.”

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