Bringing the WildFire

WildFire CrossFit members

Bringing the fire is a well-known expression at WildFire CrossFit. Whenever athletes of the Box in Phoenix, Arizona, compete in events, the rest of the members flock to cheer them on.

That’s known as bringing the fire.

“From a competitor’s stand point, it’s amazing to have such a strong and supportive community around you,” said Nicole James, a member and the WildFire yoga instructor. “We show up in big numbers to competitions to support those who compete.”

Since the Box opened in October 2012, the co-owner Skip Divelbiss said it’s been an incredible ride. However, when he noted his Box’s community as being something special, he explained why. “I think a lot of Affiliates talk about their community and we’ve got a great community,” he said. “For us, what that community really means is that everybody deserves great fitness.”

One of his members echoed this sentiment. “As a result of this environment, everyone feels a sense of pride and ownership,” said Chris Stasik, a member and one of WildFire’s assistant Coaches. “We are all personally vested in WildFire because WildFire is so vested in us.”

Divelbiss offered up five ways his Box has become this reality for many of his members.

1)There is a real sense of team, as seen in the “bringing the fire” mentality when it comes to supporting athletes.

2) WildFire strives to be welcoming, using a question of the day to break the ice in each class.

3) Members constantly help one another in class.

4) Divelbiss and his Coaches encourage people to set goals. They even will sit down one on one with members and lay out a path of how to achieve what they are aiming for.

5) Fun is in everything, inside and outside of the gym. Divelbiss said they do events so people can hang out beyond the four walls of the Box.

Finally, Divelbiss shared a mentality that he and his wife, the other co-owner, have had since the beginning: They wanted a full-time open gym and that’s what they have done. This allows for everyone to spend time on fitness each day.

“I tell people this: I always want them to come to class because they’re always going to get the most benefit out of being pushed by the group and the Coach,” said Divelbiss. “At the same time, if it’s 2:30 on a Wednesday and it’s the difference between being able to come in for 45 minutes and get a workout in, or just not working out that day, I’d much rather have them come in on their own and workout.”

Tiffany and Skip Divelbiss, WildFire owners.

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