A Box’s CrossFit Ripple Effect

When Ashley Anderson first arrived at CrossFit Morgantown in Morgantown, West Virginia, she never imagined a year later she would co-own the Box.

But after being hired as a Coach and promoted to head Coach soon after, Anderson said the current owners realized they no longer had time to operate the Box. “So, they offered it to me, Jeff Giosi and Owen Schmitt, and us three became the new owners of the Affiliate,” explained Anderson. “It’s been a crazy year, and I never thought when I walked in that Box I would soon own it.”

Having moved up from Florida, Anderson brought her experience in the business of CrossFit with her. She had seen her previous Box grow and learned from that. “I came from a very successful Box,” she said. “I saw them grow and I saw them [learn] through their mistakes. That helped me transfer a lot to this Box and help it grow. When I came here, they had 80 to 90 members. Now, we’re about 150 strong.”

Anderson has co-owned the Box for a little over two months now, and she said her vision for the Box has remained the same. “For me and what I saw, it was community and showing that it’s an ego-free environment and that we are just trying to help each other be the best [version] of themselves,” she said. “It’s about coming in, getting that workout and getting better every day.”

And it’s all about having fun too. In celebration of the new ownership, CrossFit Morgantown recently had its grand reopening. With a total of 86 people competing, 125 attending, kids activities and no lack of outrageous costumes, Anderson said they had garnered a lot of enthusiasm from the community as they promoted the event as being just a fun day. “We wanted to show appreciation for the members,” she said. “This doesn’t even feel like work. We love what we do every day and so I think our passion, the members feel it and they want to be a part of it as well.”

It’s a mentality Anderson said they keep flowing throughout the Box. By building confidence and empowerment in members, they will eventually seep into the community as well. “It’s just a great ripple effect,” she said.

One of the ways this is done is through offering CrossFit Kids. “The benefits are unreal,” said Anderson. “I have kids that are doing CrossFit Kids because their parents are in CrossFit. But then I’ve had kids that go out in their community and their friends start coming. And when their friends start coming, their parents start asking questions. And that gets them involved.”

Anderson, Giosi and Schmitt also all have certifications in CrossFit Football. Anderson said they are looking into starting a program geared toward high school teams. In the end though, she said they just hope to continue to grow in membership and community. “CrossFit prepares you for everything, not just working out,” she explained. “[We want to] get more involvement and keep growing community and keep getting results for our members. That’s what we really want.”

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at heather@peakemedia.com.