Box Pro Launches Mastermind Groups

Box Pro has officially announced the launch of its Mastermind Groups for Affiliate owners.

“Over the years, we witnessed time and again at our Box Pro Leadership Summit that Affiliate owners found professional and personal growth from their time in our roundtables,” said Heather Hartmann, the editor of Box Pro Magazine. “We decided the best way to provide more best practice business education to Affiliate owners was through Mastermind Groups.”

TJ Belger, the owner of TJ’s Gyms with two locations in California, has been part of a group since its launch late 2020. “There is nothing worse than feeling like you are lost on an island all by yourself,” said Belger. “The Mastermind Group has become a combination of MBA, C Suite and peer review that microgym owners don’t have access to. It’s the most important appointment of my week and is one of the key reasons we not only survived the pandemic but are on our way to thriving.”

The plan for the Box Pro Mastermind Groups is simple:

  • Educate: Learn and discover from your peers the challenges within your group’s businesses.
  • Empower: Develop and share best practice solutions and trends with your group to solve business challenges.
  • Succeed: Set objectives with your group to implement best practice, actionable solutions for success and measurable results.

Owners from across the nation have been part of Mastermind Group beta-testing since late 2020. Members meet twice a month virtually for an hour, addressing specific challenges to the group. A facilitator leads the group as they walk through the current business challenges of each owner.

Groups are 100% virtual and budget friendly, ensuring easy access for all. Limited to eight members, they will keep each other accountable to solve challenges and sharing best practices. Groups are also available for general managers and/or head coaches.

“What I’ve seen in the eight months of facilitating our Mastermind Groups has been phenomenal,” said Hartmann. “They have been able to work through challenges, both personally and professionally, with one another that only an Affiliate owner would understand. They feel less on an island. The authenticity, the ideas and the success that comes from each discussion has been incredible.”

Ryan Cage, the owner of PR Star Fitness in Virginia, is another Mastermind member. “I enjoy being able to bounce ideas/issues off other like minded gym owners,” said Cage. “The best thing about the group is even though we have different mindsets on how things should be done, we all have the same goal and that is to see us all succeed.” 

Interested in learning how to be part of a Mastermind Group? Email for more information.