How Does Your Box Layout Flow?

CrossFit Forney's layout.

Before any equipment was loaded into his Box, Mark Khamboonphet knew exactly where each piece would sit.

“I got to visualize exactly how I was going to do it,” he explained. “I even drew … everything up in 3D before I even put a piece of equipment in just to make sure it was going to work the way I wanted it to work.”

Khamboonphet, owner of CrossFit Forney in Forney, Texas, said when the rig finally came, it fit perfectly. Same with the floor mats — everything fell into its exact place due to the planning put in by Khamboonphet.

For him, the layout is determined by how one wants his or her Box to work. For example, Khamboonphet knew he was going to have a foam-mat area for handstand pushups and warming up, a section for CrossFit kids and the rig would be the centerpiece from where it sat in the middle of the Box.

“There’s a clear understanding of where everything is at and how it works,” said Khamboonphet. “[The members] knew that ok, they’re going to walk through the gym, the warm up area is over here, the bands are over here.”

The flow — like members hanging out in the warm up area as a class finishes, allowing for a smooth transition — was important to Khamboonphet in laying out his gym, as was his ability to use the equipment effectively.

When Khamboonphet bought his rig, he invested in one that was stand-alone. “I did that on purpose so I could have squat racks on both sides, and I went ahead and even numbered each squat rack area so I could say hey, you’re going on one, you’re going on two, you’re going on nine,” he said. “That way I can walk in between — it works for me as a Coach because now I can just be in the middle of my rig … and go back and forth from everyone.”

Sometimes, Khamboonphet noted Affiliates invest in pull-up rigs without really needing to. While his Box had plenty of space — he said in the beginning he only filled up half of it — other gyms might not. “Every Box is so different,” he said. “I think I would just basically tell them to walk in there and visualize it.”

A clear vision of not only what your Box will look like now, but also in the future, is essential to designing an efficient and effective layout. When CrossFit Forney expanded into the remaining space, Khamboonphet knew he only needed to add rig sections, rubber matting and wood platforms for the squat racks. It was a transition smoothed by prior design and planning.

Start with a plan and go from there. Visualize what you want. As Khamboonphet said, “Make the best use out of your space.”

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at