Box Annihilates Boundaries by Building Community

Kyle Flowers first experienced CrossFit four years ago in the U.S. Marine Corps. Surprisingly, it was the humbling aspect of it that kept him coming back for more. “I thought I was in really good shape, and then I started [CrossFit], and … I had weaknesses that were exposed instantly,” he said. “It was very humbling.”

Almost immediately, Flowers was addicted. He decided he wanted to bring CrossFit back home to Texas and his friends and family, knowing they would come to love it as he did.

CrossFit Annihilation, located in Katy, Texas, is co-owned by Flowers, also the head trainer, Michael Head and Flowers’ brother-in-law, Gerald Schneider. The trio opened the gym in early 2013 and now has over 100 members.

The gym’s main focus is its community. Every member of the Box comes together, supporting each other in their individual goals. Flowers said they utilize a private Facebook group for the members to build camaraderie and encourage one another. In fact, Flowers said it was because of the gym that he made it to the CrossFit Regionals this year on May 23-25 in San Antonio, Texas.

“I’ve never qualified for regionals before, but having the whole gym scream at me every week is motivating,” he said. “So that definitely helped.”

Communication is perhaps the most import thing to Flowers. It’s the reason why Crossfit Annihilation has achieved so much success. The communication among the members and coaches has allowed for feedback and helped make the Box better.

With one expansion of the gym already under its belt, Flowers said they plan on expanding again while keeping its members’ health at the forefront. “That’s definitely the key though — make sure everyone is healthy first and foremost,” said Flowers. “If people are getting injured or not seeing results or progress, then obviously you’re kind of failing at the gym.”

Flowers said when he was looking for a name for the gym, he kept coming back to words like destruction and annihilate. He wanted something with intensity to describe what the Box and Crossfit are all about. “It’s kind of like torture that I bring upon myself … that I like,” said Flowers.

CrossFit Annihilation and its community are hardcore, but they stick together. “[The back of our t-shirt says,] ‘Fear of annihilation: Those looking from the outside can never understand it,’” said Flowers. “Kind of like those on the inside can’t explain it.”

Heather is the editor for Box Pro Magazine. Contact her at