Body Composition Analyzers: Your New Must-Have Tool

Body composition analyzer

Everyone is using technology to power their lives. Products like fitness trackers and smartphone apps have made it easier for people improve their fitness from home. Gyms, on the other hand, have incorporated professional fitness tech items like body composition analyzers to get better results for their clients. Professional-grade body composition analyzers produce useful, trackable information like percent body fat, lean muscle mass and fat mass. Some can even tell how much visceral fat a person has and how much muscle mass and fat mass is in each segment of the body – right arm, left arm, right leg, left leg and torso. And a few professional body composition analyzers are so accurate that they’ve been validated by scientific studies. So why hasn’t technology like body composition analyzers made its way into your Box?

Here are three reasons why a body composition analyzer should be the next addition to your business:

1. Distinguish yourself from other gyms and attract more members.

A body composition analyzer will allow you to offer information about your client’s body and progress that other Boxes can’t offer. Advertise free body composition tests on social media platforms to get more people into your Box.

Other owners offer trials and include two free body composition tests. On the first day of the trial, Box employees give a potential member a body composition test. On the last day of the trial, they give the potential member a second test and show the potential member the progress he or she has made at your Box. Chances are, you’ve turned a potential member into a new member.

2. Retain more members.

When someone takes a tour and/or a class for the first time, give him or her a body composition test for free. Then, review the results with the individual. Set realistic goals and outline how you would customize a program for them. This validates your expertise in understanding their needs, proves your organization can quantify the changes they are seeing and provides a way to determine success. Teach your clients that focusing on weight, as seen on a bathroom scale, doesn’t show what’s going on inside their body. By using a body composition analyzer, your clients will see their fat mass decrease and muscle mass increase, even though their weight on a scale may not change. Make sure clients know of the changes they’ve made since joining, and use this information to keep members motivated, engaged and coming back to your Box.

3. Create more revenue streams.

There are several ways you can use your body composition analyzer to create additional streams of revenue at your Box. Some owners sell body composition tests in packages of two, three, six, 12 and so on. This allows the Box owners to get the cash flow up front and puts the responsibility of getting the test on the client.

Other box owners sell body composition tests individually, and the amount of profit generated from this tactic has been impressive.

But not all body composition analyzers are created equally. Some devices occupy lots of space, take a long time to test, are invasive or are inaccurate. Some body composition analyzers don’t assess a person’s whole body, only measuring the upper body or lower body. Other devices use empirical data, like age, race and gender, to assume information about the person taking the test. This means the data generated is inaccurate. Do your due diligence before purchasing a device. The right product can help take your Box to the next level.


By Jeff Kim, the head of marketing and public relations. Jeff works to help gym owners, medical professionals and researchers learn how to use the InBody in their field. InBody tests are easy, precise, non-invasive and quick, taking less than 60 seconds to complete. To learn how you can incorporate a body composition analyzer into your business, visit or email